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Hong Kong tourist allegedly punches Boracay cop after being called out for smoking

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Hong Kong tourist allegedly punches Boracay cop after being called out for smoking

September 10, 2019

Boracay police arrested a tourist from Hong Kong last night after he allegedly punched a cop who called him out for smoking on the beach.

The suspect has been identified as Dennis Chong, 50, staying in the island’s village of Balabag. Chong was arrested at 9:45pm after he allegedly attacked Noly Cuatriz, a member of the Malay Auxiliary Police, reported Bandera.0

Cuatriz caught Chong puffing a cigarette and told him to cease, as it was a violation of Municipal Ordinance No. 309, which prohibits smoking on the beach. Instead of complying, Chong angrily threw his cigarette butt at the beach then allegedly punched Cuatriz, according to news show Unang Balita.

The confrontation is actually in line with a change in policy on the recently rehabilitated island’s beaches. While once best-known as a place to party hearty, it was announced just over a year ago that drinking and smoking would be banned in public beach areas going forward, something they’re clearly taking seriously these days.

Chong was brought to Boracay police station where he will be charged with violating the island’s anti-smoking and anti-littering ordinances as well as the whole, y’know, punching a cop thing.

Last year, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a six-month rehabilitation of the island, which he once described as “a cesspool.” It was closed to tourists from April 26-Oct. 26 of 2018, a move considered controversial at the time as it left thousands of workers unemployed for months.

Boracay’s rehabilitation is still ongoing, with the construction of main roads and sewage systems estimated to last until 2021.


Dennis Chong must be labeled as "persona non grata"! Deported and banner for future entry to the Philippines!

Chinese tourist s seem to be feeling entitled in the Philippines and free to violate laws and regulations! And whose fault is that?



  • Phil E. BusterPhil E. Buster PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^^ I agree, get the puncher out of the Philippines l Tourist like him should be dealt with accordingly.
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2019
    one time sa SUKI MARKET. May isang Mayabang na Driver/ Gay Lover ng Boss. [email protected] Pumarada. Tinabihan ko. So

    He took the left most slot, pero he purposely parked na medyo alanganin para hindi na sya tabihin. e.. tinabihan ko padin. because 1.) la na parking, 2.) #uk that guy. 

    i went down. tapos bumaba si [email protected] boss nya... ay sir baka hindi na kami makalabas.

    i replied.. no po. basta marunong mag drive, makaka labas yan! e sakto natabi ng driver nya and i said, see! 

    he goes, " ahh okay, hindi naman kasi ako marunong mag drive e!"

    anyway... i went inside a store, paglabas ko, nakita ko si [email protected] lover driver naninigarilyo sinumbong ko sa guard ng suki market, and went inside the market to buy some more things. pag labas ko,  nalaman kong Sinita nga. Hahaha.

    sabi nung parking attendant.. oo nga sir, ang yabang, sinabihan ko na bawal manigarilyo, sinigawan ako. haha. 

    sabi ko.. oo nga for sure mayabang sya kasi boy friend sya ng boss nyang dingbat.

    and tawa yung attendant. I made sure to make him hear it, btw. haha. 
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