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I almost committed suicide because of Louie Carmela Kim Alejandro

Yes... I was stupid for trusting her... I risked my career, my plans, my future just to hear her say that I don't exert any effort, she compares me with other, she judges me, and orders me around like a slave. I did not saw her true colors especially the part where she told me to travel from Manila to Bulacan just to claim her Lazada eventhough her cousin is there. She use her parent's PWD status to manipulate me and order me around. I only asked one thing and that is to let me work and give me time to work on my career, but as she went to Canada she did not address that and do say things like I don't exert effort at all stuff. She those such toxicity that it affected my attitude towards work. She ordered me around to the point where she even tells me to always visit her parents and even assisting things related on her responsibilities she still tells me I don't exert effort. My life went the other direction and then she does that. 


  • austinwrnklraustinwrnklr PEx Rookie ⭐
    Dude talk to her. Don't ***** her here. Minahal mo siya kaya wag mo siya ipahiya sa ibang tao, magpaka lalaki ka. 
  • ach_chooach_choo Repent you savages! Repent! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited November 12
    Grabeh. A little googling shows how much you've smeared her online. Do something definite about it, and carry yourself like a man.
  • QueenieSoQueenieSo Member PExer
    All it takes is a little push. Why stoop that low? For all we know baka third party ka breaking some couple apart.

    For heartaches, try mo to baka makatulong sayo.

    Yun eh, buo ka pa ba o lalakeng nagbababae na makalat?
  • Desert_DolphinDesert_Dolphin PEx Rookie ⭐
    Kung hindi ka masaya, end the relationship, not your life. Will you get anything from dying?

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