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Mr. World 2019: Are pageant kings real?

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For a country where pageants are part of the common cultural interests, we are very used to see women rock the pageant stage both locally and internationally. I am one of those who constantly follow pageants. However, as avid as I can be, male pageants is still something foreign to me. Last week, I had a chance to witness the press presentation of this year’s Mr. World competition. Men from all over the world gathered to compete for the one elusive title to be called as the world’s most desirable man. 


Male pageants in the Philippines is not as celebrated as the female pageants. We often relate male pageants to body building contests and to some extent, bikini competition. I think this is one aspect Mr. World is trying to change. They wanted us to look at male pageants in a different perspective that is why they decided not to present the candidates in their swimwear. These men worked hard for their chiseled physique. Most of the press people were expecting them to flex the product of hardwork but they went up on stage wearing formal attire. I am not sure if they will still have a swimsuit competition come finals night since Ms. World also removed this portion from the competition long ago but the move from the organization is still an interesting change; at least, for the filipino audience. The pageant stage is normally filled with turns,twirls and fierce strides. Not for the men, though. 


This is when I totally got the rationale behind the move not to showcase the candidates in their swimsuit. The organization wanted us to focus on their ability to talk and to express their thoughts. Not everyone were given the chance to share their thoughts but those guys who had the chance speak their minds proved us that men can also be a good spokesperson for goodwill. However, the pageant is not free from pageant patty kind of responses. Pageant patty refers to answers which are based on a pageant friendly template. Men can be a bit more candid but I tell you, it is very easy to sense that a guy is faking the answer. 


It is harder to judge a male pageant from the surface. I kinda felt like some of the men looked the same because of the styling and the haircut. I can’t use their pasarella to judge the performance. Basically, we can only judge them based on their aura which can really be very subjective. I wished we heard at least half of the guys talk but from the short encounter I had with the candidates, here are some of the guys who might have a chance in taking the title. 

  1. Thailand Anakin Nontiprasit
  2. Austria Grigor Vardanyan
  3. Mexico Brian Arturo Faugier González
  4. El Salvador David Pivaral
  5. Russia Denis Pavlevich Khadyko
  6. South Africa Fezile Mkhize
  7. Samoa Makalio Junior Matalio Alai
  8. Philippines Jody Baines Tejano Saliba
  9. Spain Daniel Torres Moreno
  10. Venezuela Jorge Eduardo Núñez Martínez
  11. Myanmar Sai Kaung Min Htet
  12. England Jack Heslewood
Mr. World would have a different process of selecting the winner since they are looking for a well-rounded man who can embody the ideals of the organization. 


Will it be proper to call them beauty kings? I might not sound right at first but the truth is, beauty knows no gender. If a man wants to be called beautiful, there is nothing wrong with that. What I also realized is that these men are not aiming for perfection. Yes, they may personify the ideal mold based on how the society defines a picture perfect gentleman but they can also be gullible. For them to have the courage to join a relatively female brand competition is already a sign on how they would want to break the expectations from a typical KONTESERO. 

Would you join, watch or follow a male beauty pageant? Share us your thoughts!

PHOTO CREDITS TO: Ms. World Philippines Facebook page/Mr. World Organization


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