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How to treat Genital Warts?

Im 17, and I had sex with my ex bf before and now I have genital warts, im so scared, idk what to do, my parents doesnt even know im gay. My genital warts is so ugly, it shapes like the two lungs around ***** and theres 3 warts shape like a mongo coming from my *****. I searched podofilox , i heard its effective cause i dont want to go to doctor, i dont have money. where can i buy podofilox?

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  • TastyXtinaTastyXtina I Sh*t Glamour PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Accepted Answer
    Mainam ng maagapan so better consult a physician.

    Although most doctors would prescribe imiquimod. 


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