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Any suggestion or feedback about home builders/contractors

Any feedback on the builder/contractor Blue Circle Constructions and/or it's owner Engr. Ramil Samiley.


  • This company has defrauded us with at least a couple of million. The owner, Engr. Ramil Samiley, has refused to talk and sit down with us, not even with our attorney. They started construction of our home January 2018. It has been a year and a half. We already paid 70% of the contract price with Blue Circle Builders. Samiley keeps asking for more money. I had our home inspected by several other contractors. This company vanished and abandoned our project again so we had to terminate our contract with him in order to accommodate a new contractor to avoid further deterioration of the structure since there is not even a roof at this point. We have not heard from Samiley or any of his company representatives. Other contractors laugh at the work they have done on our house. They noticed several defects and needed re-work. Our project was neglected with no consideration at all. Samiley has not visited the project since my last meeting with him on the site in July 2018. It is a very painful experience being fooled and defrauded with millions we earned through hard work. I hope this review helps potential clients of Blue Circle Builders and/or Engr. Ramil Samiley make a smart decision.

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