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I had worked with this company for quite a while. I had shares some good and bad experiences but unfortunately most are below average you expect for a company with respect to culture, environment, people, & processes. 

1. This is generally a small company. To date, they have approximately 250+ employees. So you will probably recognize faces and names. 
2. They have a free meal every day except when it PH holiday. The food are mediocare though but a good source to save money anyway. 
3. Small medium business Australian companies are their target of business. 

1. The company DO NOT HAVE a solid rock processes and procedures. You will notice that some policies i.e Leave Policy was created by the HR Manager and signed by the HR Manager as well. I have that document that came straight from HR and no signature in the Country Manager. Is this a standard way of publishing company policies and procedures? They entirely lacking of the best standard company processes and procedures. So be sure to read all policies because some of them are deceiving! 
2. They are very strict with Attendance. If you are late for 10 mins, you will receive an IR immediately. All minutes are counted, so if you accumulated a total of 10 mins either, you will receive an IR. 
3. The attendance is controlled by the Operations Manager which approved and reject leaves and corrections. BTW, the attendance tool is damned a pain in their *****! The tooll has been problematic since a year ago. All employees' government numbers are stored in its database where the web app is no longer being updated. It has too many flaws and not compliant with password security. I am hoping that web app will not be hacked or else, TGT will face its consequences againts PH Data Privacy Law. 
4. IT Network downtime is very ordinary with the company. Many were just laughing over and over again because TGT is showing incompetency and clients are receiving these issues with their IT facilities which some of them did not renew the contracts. a downtime of more than 1 hour is not in anyway acceptable. Redundancy is not working. I heard from some employees they have a poor IT Network Architecture. 
5. If you want to work in a culture that is HIGHSCHOOL INSPIRED, then join this company. When I say highshool inspired - very totalitarian. Very martial law?
6. No work from home with this company. It is maybe they are not matured yet but they've been in the industry for more than 5 years. But if a company is being managed by mediocare management, then nothing will improve. 
7. The HR/Recruitment is good but they need to improved in a vast of things. Build a team with a high standard/high caliber people. 
8. The Finance Team is very weak. Pay in some cases are delayed with any notice from them. People in the Finance Team are not approachable. 
9. HMO Cards are trash!
10. The backpay are given 30-45 BUSINESS DAYS after completion of clearance. Yes! BUSINESS DAYS. so aweful!
11. According to reliable sources, they have high attrition rate. There were instances when an account pull out, employees were retrenched. 

Culture - 5.5/10
Environment - 5/10
Processes - 3/10
Facilities - 3.5/10
HR - 6/10
Finance - 3/10
Operations - 5/10
Top Management - 3/10
Salary - 6.5/10

Overall Score: 4.5/10 

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