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PLDT Internet

Hi! We've been thinking of having our line disconnected but it's still locked for 12 months. I've read that PLDT will disconnect our line if we don't pay for 3 months. Is it true and what will happen to us afterwards (block listed, legal case will be filed against us, etc.)

Thank you!   


  • ethan911ethan911 PEx Rookie ⭐
    In my case, nothing happened which is 4 years ago. Because every month may issue ang internet ko at tinatawag ko sa CS so sinabi ko lang na I will not pay ever again and I have all the records to file sa NTC for complaints.
    Ayun they never asked me to pay, usually lagi ako galit sa call pag walang net.

    Then after more than a year, nagpakabit ako ng fibr, wala namang issue di naman ako na blacklist.

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