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Dcat reviewing class

edited June 2019 in De La Salle University
I am aiming to enroll De La Salle University. I am going to Brain Train review center but they mainly focuses on UPCAT, tho they say their review can be for general. 
Do you think it will be okay to continue my review class? Or should I change the review center? 


  • doesnt matter, as long as you review and know your previous lessons (concepts, formulas, sentence structures, etc.) well enough. just have shortcuts or  in solving, good stock knowledge (especially for language!), and more. very important ang familiarization (or memorization), especially for biology. if you're still going to review in brain train, make sure that you'll study the whole manual that they'll provide you before you attend to understand the lessons more (and answer the questions in the manual again after the review). you can still look for more online review materials or buy some review books in nbs if you don't want to attend a review center.
  • NalaGidaNalaGida PEx Rookie ⭐
    I think the only takeaway I got from reviews were the techniques to solve and garner the right or best choice in every category at a given time limit but aside from that, I mostly relied on my stock knowledge haha as mentioned, you can review your past lessons and just practice your comprehension and analytic skills. more importantly, during the exam, it's "mind over matter". just relax and don't rattle yourself too much. make sure you are energized enough to start and end strong. good luck! :) 
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