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Chinese vessel hit, sank Philippine boat in Recto Bank —Lorenzana



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    TIMELINE: The Reed Bank incident

    MANILA, Philippines — Two weeks ago, the Philippine fishing boat Gem-Vir 1 anchored near Recto Bank sank after it was hit by a Chinese trawler. Here is a timeline of the key events that followed and the statements issued by Philippine officials and other concerned parties:

    June 9 – FB Gem-Vir 1 is hit by a Chinese vessel around midnight, sinking the Philippine boat. The Chinese vessel flees the scene and leaves the 22 fishermen, who struggle to stay afloat for four hours until a Vietnamese fishing vessel rescues them.

    June 12 – Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana denounces the hit-and-run and calls for an investigation and diplomatic action.

    “We condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly action of the Chinese fishing vessel and its crew for abandoning the Filipino crew. This is not the expected action from a responsible and friendly people,” he says.

    Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. also denounces the action of the Chinese vessel.

    “I take my cue from Defense Secretary Lorenzana. What is contemptible and condemnable is the abandonment of the crew to the elements,” he tweets.

    June 13 – Locsin says the Philippines has filed a diplomatic protest against China. Malacañang says President Duterte is “outraged” by the incident and likely to take resolute action.

    “We want to find out first. If it was intentional, that’s a different story. If it is intentional, it is an act of aggression,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo says.

    June 14 – The fishermen insists that the Chinese vessel is the culprit behind the sinking of their ship. Junel Insigne, the captain of the Gem-Vir 1, tells reporters he is sure the crew of the Chinese vessel saw his fishing boat before the collision. Insigne says the Chinese vessel turned its lights on seconds before it rammed the Gem-Vir 1 and fled the scene with its lights off after his boat began to sink.

    The Chinese Embassy in Manila acknowledges that a Chinese trawler is involved, but denies the incident is a hit-and-run. It says the crew of the Chinese trawler Yuemaobinyu 42212 accidentally “bumped” into the Gem-Vir 1 as it tried to maneuver and then left the scene due to safety fears.

    “The Chinese captain tried to rescue the Filipino fishermen, but was afraid of being besieged by seven or eight Filipino fishing boats,” the statement says.

    June 15 – Insigne disputes the Chinese Embassy statement.

    “I got angry because [the Chinese Embassy] had a contradictory story. Their story is false. If they were hoping to rescue us, then why did they leave us,” Insigne says.

    The DFA announces that the sinking of Gem-Vir 1 has been referred to the Maritime Safety Committee of the London-based International Maritime Organization.

    June 16 – Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, designated as cochair, together with Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol, of a group that will provide assistance to the crew of the Gem-Vir 1, says the Chinese trawler could not have intentionally hit the fishing boat.

    June 17 – After being silent about the incident for a week, the President dismisses the sinking as a “little maritime accident” and says he will not go to war with China over the incident.

    “What happened in the collision is a maritime incident. Do not believe the dumb politicians who want to send the Philippine Navy. You do not send gray ships there. That is only a collision of ships,” Mr. Duterte says in a speech during a Philippine Navy event in Sangley Point.

    June 18 – Speaking at the 25th anniversary of the coming into force of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Locsin says the “duty to render assistance” is enshrined in international law and that “it is a felony to abandon people in distress, especially when we cause that distress.”

    June 19 – The story of the fishermen changes following a closed meeting with Piñol, who visits them in Occidental Mindoro, to give them assistance, including boats, food and cash. After meeting Piñol, Insigne, who earlier said the Chinese vessel intentionally hit his boat, says he is no longer sure if the collision was intentional.

    June 20 – China proposes a joint marine inquiry with the Philippines to look into the sinking of the Gem-Vir 1.

    “To find a proper solution, we suggest a joint investigation at an early date so the two sides can exchange respective initial findings and properly handle the matter through friendly consultations based on mutually recognized investigation results,” Lu Kang, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, says in a statement.

    June 21 – Locsin rejects the proposal for joint investigation, which Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra suggested earlier during a Cabinet security cluster meeting in Malacañang.

    Guevarra says it was up to President Duterte to consider his suggestion. “Let’s leave it to the President. No further comment. I respect the [secretary of foreign affairs’] opinion,” he says.

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    ...vs. reality

    Okay. Next issue please.

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    "Eh, buhay ka pa naman di ba?" =)

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    knorr said:

    sa 4 na aso, si Boy twitter lang ang tama...... tama sa pag iisip. :lol:

    bakit nga ba papayagan natin mag imbestiga ang mga Tsekwas sa insedenting nagyari sa sarili nating bakuran????

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    Leninista: Mag-show naman tayo ng muscle versus China.

    Realista: Okay. Then after kang mag-show ng muscle, mag-show rin ng muscle China. Anong next move?

    Leninista: Humingi ng tulong sa US. More US military presence sa South China Sea.

    Realista: Okay. Ang magiging next move dyan ng China eh, more military presence din sa South China Sea. It won't let the US overpower it sa South China Sea dahil ang South China Sea ang throat ng kanyang maritime dependent economy. So anong next move ng Pinas?

    Leninista: Pro-China ka!

    Realista: So ang next move ninyo ay tawagang pro-China ang mga realista?

    Leninista: Wala kang puso sa mga mangingisda b*[email protected]! T*nga!

    Realista: You haven't answered my question. What's the next move of the Philippines?

    Leninista: Mga duw*g! Duw*g duw*g duw*g!

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    Anti-Duterte: Palayasin ang China sa WPS!

    Me: China occupies 8 features in the South China Sea, and 4 of them are within our EEZ: Scarborough Shoal, Kenna Reef, Johnson Reef, and Mischief Reef.

    Vietnam occupies 21 features in the KIG, and 11 of them are within our EEZ: Namyit Reef, Collins Reef, Allison Reef, Lendao Reef, Malvar Reef, Cornwallis South Reef, Petley Reef, Pigeon/Tennent Reef, Sin Cowe Reef, Sand Cay Reef, and Sin Cowe East Reef.

    Malaysia occupies seven in the KIG, all of them within our EEZ: Ardasier Reef, Erica Reef, Mariveles Reef, Pawikan Reef, Swallow Reef, Louise Reef, and Royal Charlotte Reef.

    Taiwan occupies one in the KIG, and it’s in our EEZ: Itu Aba Island.

    So after China leaves the 4. Ano pong strategy para palaysin ang Vietnam sa 11, ang Malaysia sa 7, and at ang Taiwan sa 1?

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    Anti-Duterte: Kapag pinalayas ang China sa Spratlys tayo mag-occupy!

    Me: Ammmmm...the next possible occupant is the next stronger claimant. At hindi po Pilipinas yun. Malamang either Vietnam or Taiwan na parehong kini-claim ang kini-claim natin na occupied ng China. So papaano po ninyo sila pipigilan? Thank you.

    * * *

    Anti-Duterte: Di ka ba natatakot sa "creeping assertiveness" ng China?

    Me: Meh.

    Malaysia's five offshore military bases are ALL within the EEZ of the Philippines. They are:

    Station Lima (Swallow Reef)
    Station Uniform (Ardasier Reef)
    Station Mike (Mariveles Reef)
    Station Sierra (Erica Reef)
    Station Papa (Investigator Shoal / a.k.a Pawikan)

    Fyi, we also consider these features part of our territory. Oh they also arrest Filipino fishermen fishing withing the waters of these features, yup waters we consider part of our EEZ.

    Plus of course they continue to occupy Sabah, na merong sovereign title ang Sultanate of Sulu. Filipino went to Sabah to assert that sovereign title, what did you guys do? Sumali ba kayo sa kanila?

    Tahimik ka sa military bases ng Malaysia sa ating EEZ? Takot ka sa "creeping assertiveness" while silent about ESTABLISHED ASSERTIVENESS? Why? NEXT.

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    ^ pssst wag mong pakyawin ng same ***** ang thread. Grabe naman itong baklang sassot, pare-pareho ang post :lol:

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    ^ Wag mong pakyawin ang thread. Grabe naman tong [email protected] sasssot. Pare-pareho ang post :lol:

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    Del Rosario was silent.

    Noong panahon ni PNoy, three Filipino fishermen -Nelson Plamiano, Teody Baisa and Arlon Sandro - were arrested by Malaysian Navy habang sila ay nangingisda sa Rizal or Commodore Reef noong May 2016.

    Ayon sa mga mangingisda, binugbog sila ng Malaysian Navy.

    "In their affidavit submitted to the DOJ, they said 20 Malaysian Navy personnel beat them up. They were handcuffed, punched, kicked and forced to kneel on the hot floor on the ship’s deck.

    After they were tortured, their tools for fishing were confiscated. They were given a paper with the message “Last warning! Aggressive action will be taken if we meet you again.” Then, they were ordered to jump from the ship 10 nautical miles from the Rizal Reef. From there, on board their boat, they reached the Navotas Port where they were taken by the Philippine Navy.

    “We want the 20 Malaysian Navy personnel to be held responsible for hurting and oppressing us,” the three fishermen said in their supplemental joint affidavit.

    They said the Navy promised to call them for assistance.

    The three added that former Foreign Affairs Secretary Jose Rene Almendras already mentioned that the Malaysian government has been informed of the incident.

    “It has been almost two months since this happened, and until now we are still waiting for concrete actions from our own government and the Malaysian authorities,” the three fisherman said."


    The message issued by the Malaysian Navy to the Filipino fishermen they accosted has been submitted to the Department of Justice as evidence. (Philippine Daily Inquirer/Tetch Torres-Tupas)

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    "Diplomacy is about persuasion, not coercion. It is about looking for and finding common ground, about forging an agreement and achieving a balance of benefits that will allow each party to go home with at least some degree of satisfaction." - Louise Fréchette, former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General

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    Risa, ang insidente ay hindi nangyari sa territorial waters. PINAGSASABI mo dyan?

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    So after ng SEPARATE investigations, anong sunod? 😁

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    No country in the world recognizes China's 9-dash line as a valid territorial claim. THAT'S RIGHT. And no country in the world recognizes that the territories we are claiming are indeed ours - even our archipelagic waters claim (that the waters between our islands are internal waters) - isn't widely recognized, even by our ally the US who annually uses their navy to assert against our right.

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