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Chinese vessel hit, sank Philippine boat in Recto Bank —Lorenzana



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    Owner of sunken boat: I feel like we’re slaves of China

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    k1ng ina talaga! mapapamura kn lang sa galit! bwiset!
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    Embassy confirms China vessel involved, but says ‘no hit and run’

    By Philippine News Agency

    The Chinese Embassy in Manila on Friday night said the vessel involved in the boat sinking incident in the West Philippine Sea was indeed China-flagged but denied it was a case of “hit and run.”

    The China Embassy, in a statement, identified the Chinese fishing boat as Yuemaobinyu 42212 from Guangdong Province, China. It initially berthed at the vicinity of Reed Bank.

    “It was suddenly besieged by 7 or 8 Filipino fishing boats. During the evacuation, 42212 failed to shun a Filipino fishing boat, and its steel cable on the lighting grid of larboard bumped into the Filipino pilothouse,” it said.

    “The Filipino fishing boat tilted and its stern foundered. The Chinese captain tried to rescue the Filipino fishermen but was afraid of being besieged by other Filipino fishing boats. Therefore, having confirmed the fishermen from the Filipino boat were rescued on board of other Filipino fishing boats, 42212 sailed away from the scene,” it added.

    Citing results of their initial probe, the Embassy said “there is no such thing as hit-and-run.”

    Meanwhile, it vowed to properly handle the issue with the Philippines “in a serious and responsible manner,” saying the Chinese side “attaches great importance to China-Philippines friendship and safety of life at sea.”

    “The two sides are maintaining close communication through diplomatic channels,” it noted.

    Recalling the night of the incident, Junel Insigne, the boat captain of F/B GEMVIR1 said, “Noong pagbangga, akala namin pagbalik niya tutulungan kami, biglang sumindi ‘yong ilaw na marami, dahil nakita kaming lubog na… Ayon, pinatay nila ulit ‘yong ilaw palayo na ulit sa amin (When they hit us, we thought they were going to help us when they came back. Their lights suddenly flickered on, when they saw us sinking… then they turned off their light and left),” he said.

    Insigne said the Chinese should have helped them at least the moment they saw them sinking.

    “Umikot lang muna sila, binalikan kami bago sumindi ‘yong ilaw, ‘yong maraming ilaw, noong makita lubog na, pinatay ‘yong ilaw bago umatras papalayo (They circled first then went back to the scene, when they saw that our boat already sank, they turned off their lights before they left),” he narrated.

    Another Filipino fisherman reportedly paddled a boat for two hours to ask help from the nearest boat which turned out to be manned by Vietnamese fishermen.

    “Kung wala ‘yong Vietnam baka mamatay na kami doon lahat, mga tatlong oras rin (If the Vietnamese weren’t there we would have drowned to death, we were floating for around three hours),” he added.

    Test of patience, respect

    Senator Panfilo Lacson said China is testing the “patience” of the Philippines with its responses on the supposed ramming of the Filipino fishing vessel in the Recto (Reed) Bank.

    “The clock is ticking on our patience. China should respect a country that has been pulling back to give a ‘friend’ all the benefit of the doubt,” Lacson posted on Twitter.

    “If I know PRRD (President Rodrigo Duterte), he values friendship but he loves his country more. The boat ramming incident is a test of both patience and respect,” he added.

    “Their version of events is as fake as their territorial claims,” Senator Francis Pangilinan tweeted.

    Senator Risa Hontiveros branded as ‘’ridiculous’’ the claim that the Chinese vessel “accidentally” hit and sank our ship because it was “suddenly besieged by seven or eight Filipino fishing boats.’’

    For Supreme Court (SC) Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, “It is thus highly likely that a Chinese maritime militia vessel rammed the Filipino fishing vessel F/B Gimver 1.” Carpio warned that the incident could be a start of Chinese aggression to keep Philippine vessels away from waters China wants claimed.

    “This may signal the start of a new ‘gray zone’ offensive by China to drive away Filipino fishing vessels in the West Philippine Sea, in the same way that China is driving away Vietnamese fishing vessels in the Paracels,” the SC magistrate stated.

    “The Filipino people must take a strong stand against this latest aggressive act of China,” he stressed.

    He also urged Filipinos to “demand from China compensation for the owner of F/B Gimver 1, and punishment for the captain and crew of the Chinese vessel that rammed in hit-and-run fashion F/B Gimver 1.”

    “The Filipino people must send a strong signal to China that any new ‘grey zone” offensive of ramming Filipino fishing vessels in the West Philippine Sea will mean a break of diplomatic ties with China,” he said.

    Carpio pointed out the ramming incident “prevented the crew of F/B Gimver 1 from exercising their sovereign right to fish in the exclusive fishing ground of Filipino fishermen.”

    The magistrate said the Chinese ship is part of the Chinese maritime militia under the supervision of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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    The bully is a liar too.

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    KASALANAN pa la ng mga Vietnamese kung bakit LUMAKI ang ISSUE kasi umEPAL at nag-play HERO imbes na ang mga  Chinese ang nag-RESCUE sa na-HIT & RUN nila.

    DFA Sec. Teddy Locsin should tell the Vietnamese to let the Chinese & PeeNoise BILATERALLY SETTLE their HIT & RUN issues.

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    We now have the identity of the man in white who was always hovering around the rescued fishermen while onboard BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS 16), He is no other than BFAR MIMAROPA Regional Director ELIZER S SALILIG. Our source said he was the one who instigated the Duterte fist salute during the photo op sessions. Seated center is COMMO Antonio Palces AFP, Commander NAVFORSOL and seated left is CAPT Alex Gianan PN (GSC) CO PS-16

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    Now that China has confirmed that Chinese vessel was indeed involved, I'm reposting what I've said before.

    For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot

    Chinese-flagged fishing vessel should be held accountable in the sinking of Philippine-flagged fishing vessel near the Reed Bank. Philippines should activate the bilateral consultation mechanism between China and the Philippines to address the issue. Demand compensation for the Filipino fishermen. Then, negotiate a fishing agreement between CN and PH and other claimants built on the principle of the sustainable management of South China Sea ecology. The agreement should include better mechanisms in managing incidents like this.


    Rappler is funded by CIA conduits. So their interests is to ensure US maintains its military presence in the South China Sea kahit di naman sila part ng mga bansang nakapalibot sa dagat na yan.


    What's good: Chinese Embassy promised to investigate and punish if it's necessary.

    What's bad: Yellow journalism of PH mainstream media.

    What needs to be improved: Coordination between CN and PH in handling issues like this. Fragile relationship can easily blow up to something disastrous, especially with hawkish voices from both sides.


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    Friends resolve differences differently than enemies. If you think PH will have a brighter future by keeping CN as an enemy and resolving any issues with it as an enemy, then so be it. Prepare for war in the future as PH will be one of likely theatres of a US-CN hegemonic war. Kaya hwag nang umangal sa ROTC.


    US will justify its military presence in the South China Sea on the premise that the countries around it cannot settle their differences by themselves. So they need to be there as a balancing force to ensure their conflict will not escalate into something devastating. But whenever there's US presence, there surely is _____________. Fill in the blank folks.


    Recto Bank is named after Claro M. Recto. Who is he? The man almost a century ago warned us about our national interest being intermingled with that of the US.

    "The tragedy of our foreign policy is that, being an Asian people ten thousand miles away from the effective center of American power, our behavior has been that of a banana republic in the Caribbean. We have fed upon the fancy that we are somehow the favorite children of America, and that she, driven by some strange predilection of our people, will never forsake us nor sacrifice our interests to her own or to those of others for her own sake. "

    - Sass Rogando Sasot

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    "Historians of international history have all been predicting that a new world war is looming, and the SCS is one of the potential flash points.

    You see, when huge countries are at war, they usually don’t fight first in their own soil. For example, during the Cold War, US and USSR fought their wars in other countries.

    Looking at the SCS geopolitical theatre, the Philippines is the best candidate for that possible proxy war between CN and US. North Korea has nukes and the resolve to use them. Meanwhile, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are very industrialized and well-developed. No one on their right mind would seek to destroy such countries. Remember: whoever is the victor in every war bears the brunt of rebuilding — that’s the price one pays for being the center of the new order that emerges after a devastating contest for global dominance. No matter how crazy it seems to us, war involves rational calculation. So the rational thing to do is for proxy wars to be conducted in countries where the price of rebuilding it after is less costly. In the SCS geopolitical theater, that is the Philippines.

    Duterte saw that danger and is trying his best to nudge our country away from it. We wouldn’t fully realize the significance of what he’s doing until we get to enjoy the benefit of hindsight."

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    -= Philippine Media Needs To Be Educated =-

    For the record idiots. The boat was NOT sunk, but merely damaged in the stern (that's the rear end). Thus, a collision. Not a sinking, had occurred.

    Yellowtard media and their halfwit supporters need to stop claiming the boat had been sunk by the Chinese. And having seen the video report of the damage last night. Makes me wonder if a collision of sorts had even occurred?

    Image may contain ocean sky outdoor and water

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    Image may contain ocean outdoor water and nature
    Image may contain ocean text water and outdoor
    Bubuy Balangue


    Here is an actual photo of the Filipino vessel which got rammed.


    Unlike what is being reported by Richard Heydarian, among other destabilizers.



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    Maritime law will take over on how to determine proper compensation. If it was a commercial Chinese fishing vessel, then it is expected that their authorities will hold them accountable. Just remember how we handled the Luneta hostage situation. We never apologized as a government back then because our government did not consider the act of a lunatic private citizen as an official act.

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    Mark Lopez

    SOMETHING FISHY Wait lang... Nung palang June 2012, meron din nangyaring collision between a Filipino and Chinese vessel sa may Scarborough Shoal. At mas matindi ito kasi may namatay na PILIPINO at may mga nasaktan din. At parang parehong pareho ang story dun sa nangyari kelan lang - Binangga at inabando. Pero nung 2012, bakit hindi big deal sa mga dilawan yung incident? Walang nag inarte nun kahit na may namatay na? Anyare? Hmmm... di kaya may nagkukumpas dito sa latest episode? Masyado ata ang play up ng drama ha. Talagang full coverage ngayon, pati international press naka umang. At yung video interview dun sa may ari ng lumubog na vessel ha, di ba medyo OA? May banat pa si Rappler na 1st time daw may nangyari na ganyang insidente eh ayan oh, sila mismo may report nung 2012? Putres.... (ctto)No photo description available

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    1 dead, 4 missing after 'Chinese vessel' bumps fishermen's boat

    (UPDATED) One fisherman died and 4 are missing in Pangasinan after their fishing boat was allegedly "bumped" by a "Chinese vessel" north of the disputed shoal

    Published 1:00 PM, June 24, 2012
    Updated 4:11 PM, June 26, 2012

    MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) - One fisherman died and 4 are missing in Pangasinan after their fishing boat was allegedly "bumped" by a "Chinese vessel" on Saturday, June 23.

    The fishermen were aboard the boat Axl John when it was allegedly bumped by a Chinese vessel while anchored at a fish shelter far north of the disputed Scarborough shoal, according to an incident report released by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) on Sunday morning, June 24.

    The fishing boat set out from the northern coastal town of Bolinao, in Pangasinan province, last Monday, June 18, and was reported to have sunk two days later, Office of Civil Defence chief Benito Ramos told AFP.

    "Of the 8 fishermen aboard, 4 were plucked out of sea only yesterday, but one of them died in a hospital," Ramos said. "Four more are still missing."

    The rescued fishermen told authorities they believed the vessel which collided with their boat was Chinese, Ramos said, though this could not be independently verified.

    Chinese embassy officials were not available for comment on Sunday.

    Four of the 8 fishermen from the boat, all from Bolinao town, were rescued by the Magsingal, Ilocos Sur town police. They were fishermen Edimio Balmores, 40; Herman Balmores, 51; Celino Damian, 32; and one other named "Chistopher aka UDO."

    Not in disputed shoal

    Ramos said the incident occurred north of Scarborough Shoal where the Philippines and China have been engaged in a tense stand off since April.

    "It's north of the Scarborough, though we could not determine how far in terms of distance or nautical miles," he said.

    President Benigno Aquino earlier this month ordered two Philippine ships to pull out from the shoal during bad weather, a move that the Chinese said calmed tensions in the area.

    While China said it would also ask its fishermen to leave the area, it stressed it had no intention of pulling out its bigger ships from there.

    As of last week, there were still 7 Chinese ships at the shoal, according to the Philippines foreign ministry.

    The dispute began in April after Chinese government vessels blocked Philippine ships from arresting Chinese fishermen near the shoal.

    Since then, both countries have maintained ships there to press their respective claims to the area.

    China claims nearly all of the South China Sea, even waters close to the coasts of neighbouring countries. The Philippines says the shoal is well within its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone.

    The shoal sits about 230 kilometers (140 miles) from the Philippines' main island of Luzon. The nearest major Chinese landmass is 1,200 kilometers northwest of the shoal, according to Philippine navy maps. - Rappler.com and Agence France-Presse

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    PNoy: PH unsure if Chinese vessel at fault

    President Aquino says the Philippines is still verifying reports that a Chinese vessel rammed a Philippine fishing boat

    Published 1:51 PM, June 25, 2012
    Updated 3:06 PM, June 26, 2012

    GATHERING EVIDENCE President Aquino says the Philippines is stil investigating if a Chinese vessel hit a Philippine fishing boat Photo by Malacaang Photo Bureau

    GATHERING EVIDENCE. President Aquino says the Philippines is stil investigating if a Chinese vessel hit a Philippine fishing boat. Photo by Malacañang Photo Bureau

    MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III clarified that the Philippines is not accusing a Chinese vessel of "bumping" a Philippine boat north of the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

    In an interview in Baguio City on Monday, June 25, Aquino said a probe is still underway to determine if a Chinese vessel caused the incident.

    The collision occurred off Pangasinan last June 20, Wednesday, leaving one Filipino fisherman dead, 3 wounded and 4 others missing.

    “As of now, let’s not say first that it’s the fault of Pedro, Juan or Maria, whoever without evidence. We don’t want to add confusion to the situation. Maybe we will find out from the investigation that it’s actually the reverse,” Aquino said in a mix of English and Filipino.

    Aquino’s comments came after the rescued fishermen reportedly told authorities that their boat collided with a Chinese vessel.

    The President, however, said the Philippines will take action if it is proven that a Chinese vessel rammed the Philippine boat.

    “If there was a ramming incident and you left the fishermen at sea, that is a clear violation of the laws governing the seas. That is actionable. We can go to the appropriate fora to file the necessary charges for justice for our fishermen.”

    Aquino said a rescue operation is ongoing for the missing fishermen. The wounded ones are in the hospital and suffering from hypothermia.

    Survivors still in shock

    The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said it is waiting for reports from the Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine National Police Maritime Group on the nationality of those behind the incident.

    Benito Ramos, NDRRMC executive director, told the Inquirer that the fishing boat, AXL John, set sail last June 18 when a larger vessel hit it in the waters of Bolinao, Pangasinan two days later.

    One of the fishermen allegedly mentioned to the boat’s owner that the vessel that hit them was Chinese.

    “There’s still no confirmation if it was a Chinese vessel. Since yesterday, we cannot talk to the survivors because they are still in shock and suffering from hypothermia. What they are saying is not yet accurate,” Ramos said.

    China to PH: Verify facts

    The Chinese Embassy in Manila said news reports that a Chinese vessel was behind the incident remain unverified.

    In a statement on the Embassy’s website, Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Zhang Hua said the embassy checked with relevant authorities in China.

    “Up until now, there have been no reports of vessel collision accident or SOS requests on the reported dates and in the reported waters,” said Zhang.

    Zhang added, “Someone reportedly said that the Philippine fishing boat was ‘rammed by a Chinese vessel.’ We wonder what that news story was based upon. We hope relevant persons can verify the facts with a responsible attitude before they report.”

    China pulls out vessels from Scarborough


    The Philippines and China are locked in a 2-month dispute over Scarborough Shoal. The Philippines calls the Shoal Panatag or Bajo de Masinloc while China calls it Huangyan Island

    On Monday, June 25, the Philippines announced that both Manila and Beijing have pulled out their vessels from the Shoal.

    Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said, “Based on coordination with the Philippines and China, as of two days ago, we have received information that all boats have left the lagoon in Bajo de Masinloc.”

    “There are no longer any boats from either the Philippines or China INSIDE the Shoal.”

    The Philippines initially pulled out its vessels from the Shoal due to bad weather. – Rappler.com

    Related story:

    1 dead, 4 missing after 'Chinese vessel' bumps fishermen's boat

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