JANE OINEZA Official 46th Thread: The Universal LEADING LADY!



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    Claire and Jane congratulating each other :heart:
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    Coming soon in Cinema '76
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    Sana may Cinema '76 sa Cavite, Vismin areas too...

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    schedules to be announced....

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    preparing for #ShowtimeSama

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    CNN PH guesting

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    New Day at CNN PH guesting

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    Who’s Who Challenge with Jane Oineza

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    xzzz said:
    Ngayon ko lang napansin na mas madami nang Insta followers si Barbie Imperial than both Ylona and 
    Jane Oineza.  (pati kay Kisses Delavin)   I never thought this would happen. 

    Jane -  1.7M 
    Ylona - 2.8M
    Barbie - 3.2M

    Is it the content ng Instagram posts or talagang mas sikat na siya?

     Mas sikat na siya thanks to Araw Gabi, she gained a brand new set of followers dun. Sa other 3 malamang from PBB fans pa majority ng followers nila
    True.  You really need to evolve from your Pbb persona. 

      But si Jane dami na niyang movies, siguro gusto talaga ng followers yun ikaw ang bida sa isang series. 

    Swerte din ni Barbina.  Ngayon may Iwant project siya with Paulo  pero iba pa rin natulong ni JM sa kanya.  Plus the sexy photos and controversial comments and interviews helped
    Looking forward sa next projects nila :) 
    (and I'm thinking, baka may reaction din ako sa AHSSL)

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    Behind the scenes with @janeoineza 
    Styled by @jannostyles
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    FruitSoda said:
    xzzz said:
    Napanood niyo na ba yung Past Present Perfect sa iWant? My favorite sa lahat ng iWant originals na napanood ko. 
    Maganda siya.  One of my favorite iWant series.  Ganito ranking ko.

    1.  High
    2.  Past Present Perfect
    3.  Spirits Reawaken
    4.  Bagman

    While we're at it, ito naman ranking ko :lol:

    1. Past Present Perfect - hands down the best iWant series for me. It also helps din siguro na pasok siya sa coming-of-age which is type ko talaga :giggle: but it made me care so much about the characters which is one thing na hindi ko masyado naramdaman sa ibang offerings. It's not just good for a Filipino series, it's really good! Gusto ko yung mix ng pagka-poetic and pagka-organic niya. Akala mo it's just a simple story until you realize that in one way or another, naging ikaw si Shantal. It brings you back to a time of innocence with all the little details (Friendster testimonials for instance tapos yung mga panahong big deal pa yung HS competitions niyo) and seamless yung character development, hindi pili. Magkaiba yung idealism at frustrations ni present at past Shantal pero you wouldn't feel jarred by those differences kasi mararamdaman mo pa rin na iisa character nila. Galing ni Shaina talaga and surprised ako sa charm ni Loisa dito. 

    2. Project Feb 14 - a lot of people would disagree here pero I like how they committed to the darkness of the show until the end. Hindi niya nakuha yung sakit of most teleseryes or SC movies na lang about forgiveness and hope yung ending kahit na hindi naman bagay :giggle: Maraming times while watching na shicked ako kasi they took it that far. I would magkasing-ganda sila pero parang kasing dark siya ng Bates Motel, or maybe more pa kasi yung aesthetic really elevated the creep factor. 

    3. Bagman - Not the biggest fan of this series pero it's really binge worthy. Magaling si Arjo and yung social relevance niya talaga ang highlight. Great production values too! Mukha siyang legit series talaga, hindi siya cheap tingnan. Overall, parang kumbaga ito sa lahat ng offerings siguro yung pweds sa Netflix. 

    4. Spirits Reawaken - Very engaging siya and ang ganda nung vibe niya kasi endearing din naman yung characters and it makes you care about what's happening in the show. Yun nga lang, parang after watching it as a whole, you'd realize that there's not much into it. Ang nipis ng storya.

    5. High - Nice concept, pero I just didn't care much about the characters and I felt like they didn't take it too far when they could've. Yung final scene though, they sorta fulfilled it pero overall, mej flat sa akin. 

    6. Jhon N' Martian - It had its moments and it showed charm naman pero I was sorta bummed that it relied so much on toiler humor. At first, I was pretty fine with it but naging redundant na yung fart and sex jokes nila, it got tiring. It doesn't help din siguro that I really had high expectations for the show given that it's from Patay Na Si Hesus' director and Project 8 corner San Joaquin. Akala ko rin they would tackle some interesting themes given na may fantasy elements naman sila pero common atake lang like the others pag may alien meets human story.  
    As of tonight, Project Feb. 14 pa lang ang natapos ko. Sana may director's cut or something if ever. I just don't know if allowed ang iWant for a much darker director's cut niyan. huhu
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    mamaya sa Cinema '76

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    Happy Father's Day to Daddy Erwin :heart:

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