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Transferring to UP Diliman BS Physics or BS Applied Physics

Hello! I am a freshman student taking up a BA course in UP Manila and I would like to transfer to UP Diliman BS Physics or BS Applied Physics. This means I am a T1 Applicant. My current GWA is within the range of 1.80-1.90. I found out that this year the BS Physics and BS Applied Physics programs only require transferees to have a minimum GWA of 2.00, an average of 2.25 in Mathematics and Science courses, and an interview. The only Mathematics courses my curriculum required me to take this year are Math 10 and Math 11, both of which I obtained a grade of 2.25; we were not required to take any Science courses this year. I have already accepted that I have a low chance of passing since I only meet the bare minimum of the requirements even if I do decently in the interview. But I am also curious about the other variables that shall determine my chances. With that said, I would like to ask the following questions:

1) What is the average number of shiftees and transferees that are accepted into the BS Physics and BS Applied Physics programs every year?
2) What is the interview process? What kinds of questions are asked? Where do the questions lean more heavily towards: the personal qualities and characteristics of the interviewee OR her/his theoretical and technical knowledge of physics?
3) Are there more tips that I should know regarding the interview process?

Even if many of my questions concern external factors, of course, I shall still keep in mind that I cannot solely rely on luck to pass. I would have to study hard and do my best in the interview so I can beat the odds. Frank advice shall be much appreciated. :) Thank you and have a nice day!

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