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what Science is about

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"Some people say that science studies all physical phenomena. This is simply not true."

"The reason why we see the structure we do is that scientists act like a sieve and focus only on those phenomena that have structure and are predictable. They do not take into account all phenomena; rather, they select those phenomena they can deal with."

"Scientists have described the criteria for which phenomena they decide to study: It is called symmetry. Symmetry is the property that despite something changing, there is some part of it that remains the same.'

"A set of phenomena has symmetry if it is the same after some change. The most obvious example is symmetry of location. This means that if one performs the same experiment in two different places, the results should be the same. Symmetry of time means that the outcomes of experiments should not depend on when the experiment took place.'

"It is only the way we look at the universe that gives us the illusion of structure."


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    "science" = created by "persons" to program an inquiry or problem to have 2 solutions. Both seems to be correct using accepted standards but only one of those is deemed correct by a select few (of the "persons" who created "science"). and they just don't tell around about the CORRECT answer coz it is used TO DRAW THE LINE OF DIFFERENTIATION.

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