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Yes! They use Yoga mat as footbed—introduction of the NORTIV8 outdoor sandals

This summer, there’s a new guy in town of comfortable outdoor sandals. A question raised here, why we need outdoor sandals in the summer? To be cool! Not only for cool-looking, but also for cool-feeling in the sun. Thus, for cool looks in the heat, here comes the solution, the men's outdoor beach sandals from NORTIV8.

NORTIV8 is a sub-brand from Dream Pairs shoes,which have a large fans at Amazon,the brand aims to provide fashion & comfort shoes with fair price,as they claimed:You dream it,we made it. Dream pairs has a large selection for shoes lovers,the pumps,high heels,sneakers are very popular at Amazon.

There is another problem for walking around with sandals, the stress on your feet. And Yes! They use Yoga mat as footbed. The NORTIV8 as they usually claimed, making comfortable outdoor shoes for a fair price. And the sandals are what they have done right now. NORTIV8 sandals’ material is soft, comfortable, lightweight, superior-gripping, non-marking and it is these unique elements that make the thong flip flop sandals ideal for casual wear as well as professional.

All of these resulted from putting Yoga mat on the footbed of their sandals.

 What is more surprising is that they tried something new for more comfortable. There are three layers of the sole. There is not only footbed and outsole, but also the “mid-sole” for better supporting. The EVA midsole offers excellent support and shock absorption for your feet. You may not feel the gravity exits anymore.

 Additionally, there is lightweight and flexible nylon thong strap. With a soft toe post, the sandals will be easy to slip-on.

 I must mention this. They made the sandals vegetarian friendly and they put it on their description. Which means there is no genuine leather on the whole shoes. I am very glad they mention it on their description, it is good for one company can pay attention on protective animal even they do sell genuine leather shoes too. At least they can point it out so that vegetarian can made their own choices.

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