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UST CRS TRANSFEREES: I failed ustet and I want to transfer to ust after a year in tua

I am incoming college freshmen for BS Respiratory Therapy in trinity university of asia(tua) because I did not make it to the cut-off scores for the program BS Occupational Therapy in ust CRS. Would it be possible to transfer in CRS?  I still want to pursue BSOT in ust. What is the grade requirement for transferees in CRS? do u have to really go back as first year student or can they just credit my subjects since they are two related course? 


  • coloradocolorado PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited June 2019 #2
    afaik, ust-crs does not accept transferee. better call the crs dean's office for clarification. best of luck. 
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