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Is Vinadry electronic drying rig AE711 durable?

Many people complained about the durability of electronic drying rigs, when they spent a lot of money buying a good model but only 1 time was broken. Turn to Vietnam's design - Vinadry AE711 electronic drying rig, many people can't help but worry. Is this form of drying rig durable?

I have been using Vinadry's electronic drying platform, I can affirm to all families. Vinadry AE711 is extremely durable. No worries about repairs.

Before buying electronic drying rigs, I learned very carefully, avoiding the path of previous families. Foreign imports are expensive but fragile because they have a seamless design, so they are quite picky of installation. Not to mention when choosing this type of drying rigs if rain is very easy to go. And almost 1 went back because it was very difficult to have spare parts in the country.

What about looking at Vinadry AE711? This type of drying mat has a completely different design. Because it installs from the removable parts. All electronic components are stored in a small box, and installed in a safe position.

Thanks to such a structure, the durability of Vinadry AE711 is quite respectable. In addition, all components manufactured are removable parts, so it is easier to replace when damaged.

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