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Chances in entering UPD

This is the case...
I really had a hard time during my first semester at adamson University, BS Chemjcal Engineering , considering I am not used to travelling from a far distance, and the daily predicament of traffick, plus the after noon schedule since I was a block section fixed ang time slot ko. And I've been doing speakerships in Campus Journalism at the same time. Summarizing my 1st semester, I had my difficulty in time and not on the subjects. 
I failed my calculus and my grades on sciences and other math related subjects play around 2.25-2.75 as 1.0 is the highest. My GWA in first semester is 2.23

However this second, semester, I've got hold on to my time since im not in a block section anymore, I scheduled it perfectly. I was able to ace my calculus 1 to a flat 1.0 and my other subjects plays around 1.0-1.25, in result, my GWA in second semester is 1.10.

In regard of transferring, UPD requirements are 1.75 gwa, and 1.75 MSWA for Applied Physics, pasok sa GWA but the MSWA is not. Will UPD consider the performance? 

I am also thinking to go thru BS Math which only requires 1.75 gwa


  • Maybe you can try to appeal. I'm not quite sure but maybe it's possible. If not, maybe you could try UPLB?

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