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RANK UPGRADE: Who's your team captain?

PEx_VolleyballPEx_Volleyball Administrator PEx Moderator
edited May 2019 in UAAP - Volleyball #1
This is for the Tiger Squad and Eagle Squad! 

Get another rank upgrade this season. Only 2 PExers will get the upgrade, one from each Squad! 

How to get the rank?

1. Squad rank holders [tiger and eagle] can vote for their team captains this season.
2. Thread regulars [Ateneo and UST posters] can also vote.
3. You can only vote for PEXers with a SQUAD RANK. 

How to vote? 

1. Send your votes to @PExVolleyball or any of the volleyball mods via PM with this content: 

" I vote for [username] as our Squad Captain.


The squad captain can choose from:

1. Eagle/Tiger Squad Captain
2. King/Queen Eagle or Tiger

Voting is until Tues, May 14! 


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