FINALS GAME 1: ADMU Lady Eagles vs. UST Golden Tigresses [05/11/2019]

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Date: May 11, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City

Ateneo Lady Eagles

UST Golden Tigresses

In a history making match, the UAAP will witness the first ever Ateneo-UST finals. The two teams have faced each other in a finals match, when the Ateneo Lady Eagles survived a nail-biter game 3 against the Tigresses in the 9th season of the defunct Shakey's V-League.

But the UAAP will be a different arena between the two schools. The Golden Tigresses are looking to arrest a 9-year title drought and clinch their 16th title, while the ladies of Katipunan will look to reclaim lost glory and win their 3rd UAAP crown. 

Stars will parade on Saturday as the holy trinity of Ateneo: Bea De Leon, Maddie Madayag and Kat Tolentino will look to battle the dynamic duo of UST: Sisi Rondina and Eya Laure. But the supporting cast will play a key role in this series.

Ateneo defeated UST in both of their elimination round matches, but if there's any indication of war, that would have to be their second round meeting. 

It's Game 1 of ADMUST!

Relive their elimination round matches here:


  • georgecarlogeorgecarlo Member Volleyball Vanguard
    OBF! 5 sets
    POG: Maddie
  • georgecarlogeorgecarlo Member Volleyball Vanguard
    Attendance is ADMUST!!!!💙💛
  • AriaGMAriaGM Encantado PEx Moderator
    UST Golden Tigresses in 4 sets! POG: #ParaKaySisi
  • lucarns_0613lucarns_0613 Eagles FTW!!!! 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    ATENEO in 4.

    POG: Tolentino or Madayag

    I am predicting na Jaja Maraguinot will be utilized here if Coach O wants to make faster offense/plays pero still depends on how Wong will perform.

  • karahasankarahasan Member 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    edited May 9
    With the way Sisi and Eya have been breaking through blocks, UST might actually win this, especially if ADMU shows up in inconsistent mode. Hoping ADMU studies UST's offensive tendencies to establish better floor defense.
  • Avocadude31Avocadude31 Avocado Boy 🏹 Archer Squad🥉
    Cheering for our Katip neighbors! 
    POG Maddie 
  • Sky2718Sky2718 PExer
    Looking for 2 tickets for the UAAP women's volleyball game this Saturday (May 11, 2019). Preferably upper or lower box. But Gen Ad will do if yun na lang talaga available. Thank you in advance. 
  • gooseberrygooseberry very loosey 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈

    Tigers in 4. Eya as POG. 

    They have the defense. They can put up a wall. They can break the wall. They have smart offense. Let us see how much effort the whole team will put out. 
  • anticipatedhighanticipatedhigh lurker PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    UST Golden Tigresses in 3 or 4 sets
    POG : Bicar or Galdones
  • QMNR.QMNR. Mother effin clique PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A finals that won't break my heart that much.

    ADMU in 4 sets
  • UAEguyUAEguy Member 🐃 Tamaraw Squad
    mahirap mag-predict

    hirap din kasi ang UST sa ADMU pero iba naman ang determination ni Sisi na manalo

    advantage ng ADMU eh yung pressure at finals experiences while sa UST yung opensa talaga,grabe lang

    pero for game 1, mukhang ADMU in 4 sets, kapag gumana ang middles nila, delikado sina sisi at laure
  • IORYIORY Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ADMU in 4 sets;
    POG: Maddie 2 blocks with sisi
    3 blocks with eya 
    and 5 blocks with the rest of tigresa

  • pagemargapagemarga Crazy B*tch 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    First of all, it's still surreal that UST is back in the Finals. 

    I am hoping an all heart, all out performances from UST girls especially Sisi.

    UST in 4 sets POG: Sisi 
  • Mans147Mans147 Member Volleyball Vanguard
    pagemarga said:
    First of all, it's still surreal that UST is back in the Finals. 

    I am hoping an all heart, all out performances from UST girls especially Sisi.

    UST in 4 sets POG: Sisi 

                               Good Luck sa girls nyo!

  • i_bleed_bluei_bleed_blue champion Volleyball Vanguard
    edited May 9
    bakbakang umaatikabo... si bicar/galanza magdadala ng laro ng ust, sa ateneo naman yung supertwins at mga libero...

    ateneo in 5, PoG Ponggay
  • goldbloodgoldblood Chinoy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    UST in 4 sets. 

    POG - Eya Laure
  • victor212121victor212121 Member PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    edited May 9
    UST in 5 grueling sets

    POG - My sentimental fave, Alina Bicar, about time for her to get a PoG citation!
  • galaxyhavengalaxyhaven PEx Rookie ⭐

  • schizo_meschizo_me Member 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    Mahirap pero kakayanin. 
    GO USTe!
  • LeeRoLeeRo Member 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    UAAP Season 81 Women's Volleyball Thread, Page 37, Post No. 4
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