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Reminder on Posting Ads and Promotions

ehleesyanehleesyan Para kanino ka bumabangon PEx Moderator
Just a quick reminder.

I would appreciate if you refresh your memories on this part of the User Agreement under User Conduct Item L:

You agree not to use the PinoyExchange Forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors.

Seminar announcement threads started by members, job recruiting, insurance proposals, credit card application solicitations, and similar topics, referral link to earn money are considered ADS and do not belong here. We have a separate section for such threads: Classifieds. ~KuyaDanny

If you want to advertise, kindly ask permission by sending an email to [email protected]

I also encourage everyone to read the Terms of Service/Use

Thank you very much.

Let us all promote healthy discussions.

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Terms of Service/Use
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