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Tuition and Online Education for AEIS, IB, PSLE and GCE N/ O/ A Levels based in Singapore

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[Tutor profile]

Part I : [Academics]

• 6 years of coaching experience 

• BSc in Molecular Biology with Distinction

• Conducts an average of 30 classes/week

• Small group class (Less than 5 students )/ 1-1 Coaching 

• Average grade improvement of 3-8 grades (PM for Testimonials and Reviews)

• Ex-School & Tuition Centre Teacher

• Award-winning Scholar and Patent Holder. 

• Taught students with Special Needs (ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD)

Part II : [Materials Provided]

• Fine-tuned and personalised Notes and Cheat Sheets

• Past Year Top School Papers 

• In-class Quizzes/Tests

• Monthly Feedback to parents pertaining tutee's performance

Part III : [Lesson Structure] 

• Lesson conduct [2h]

• 30mins to review homework

• 1h 15mins lesson conduct 

• 15mins review/test/summary of lesson conduct

• Location: Sengkang Rivervale Drive 143 S540143

[ RATES ]  

(Lower Primary)

- 1 to 1: 50/h

- Pair of 2: 35/h

- Group of 5: 30/h

(Upper Primary)

- 1 to 1: 55/h

- Pair of 2: 40/h

- Group of 5: 35/h

(Lower Secondary)

- 1 to 1: 60/h

- Pair of 2: 45/h

- Group of 5: 40/h

(Upper Secondary)

- 1 to 1: 65/h

- Pair of 2: 50/h

- Group of 5: 45/h

(Junior College)

- 1 to 1: 70/h

- Pair of 2: 55/h

- Group of 5: 50/h

(Private degree/diploma/A-levels)

- 1 to 1 : 80/h 

[ Teaching philosophy ]

• Being an educator since 2013 has allowed me to be exposed to students with all kinds of learning aptitudes. My strategy to help my students improve is one that consists of rapport building and mutual respect. I believe that there is no one method that suit all. Students of similar calibre will be grouped together and this has proven to be very useful given the significant improvement my past batches had shown. Also, I ensure that my lessons are conducted in such a way that my student benefits the full scope of what i am teaching, which consists of rigorous practices and a solid understanding of the concepts I aim to deliver. At the end of every lesson, I usually conduct a short verbal summary and test on my lesson materials to ensure that the lesson is efficiently understood.

• I structure all my lessons in such a way that I have a monthly schedule for each and every one of my students. The schedule consist of topics to be covered for that month/exam to prepare or even my own tests/quizzes. As such, all my tutee's are well informed about what is to happen for that month so as to be prepared ahead. 

• I also have a monthly update for parents so they are kept in check with their child's performance and also what is to be conducted in the upcoming weeks/months to come.


• How do i achieve a 3-8 grade improvement record?

I am dedicated and passionate about my work. My goal is to help my students achieve the best grade they possibly can. Personally, i honour mutual respect a lot with my students such that they are not afraid to ask me questions outside our lessons via WhatsApp/ WeChat. I help my students with their schoolwork and any queries outside of class as i find this a crucial point towards holistic learning.


• Contact me at +65 9666 0785 via WhatsApp/ WeChat/ SMS/ Call.

• OR via Facebook at Zhao Jk. (

• If I did not answer immediately do drop me a message as I may be in a middle of a lesson. 

Thank you. :)

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