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Ano difference nya sa DTI registered? I'm trying to see if this certain company I'm applying at is legit. 


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    Guys, I need an advise. I am really tired of my current job and I am about to create my own business. But as far as I don't know a thing about running business, I've thought that it would be a great idea to take Shaqir Hussyin's courses. But still, I can't decide which ones to choose. Any thoughts?
  • IPO means Intellectual Property Office so we can assume that you're concern is about intellectual properties. IPO concerns relates to ownership ng Intellectual Properties like logos, brand names, and royalties etc. more on sa image ng company to eh.

    DTI registration relates to compliance of the business entity with the existing laws, rules and regualtions about establishing and operating business here in the country.

    If you're more concern with the legitimacy of a business, better rely on the DTI registration (SEC registration if possible) since legal requirement yan sa business.
  • Hello,  anyone here who is a supplier or distributor of animal feeds? I want to start a business.. Thank you
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    Gusto ko lang malaman kong ang "ORGANI-C" na product ng FTW ay effective ba sa colon cleansing, at sa mga may abnormality function sa katawan? pls comment lang po

    salamat po !!!
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    I have an apartment space na gusto kong iconvert para maging coworking space. May mairrecommend po ba kayong contractor or interior designing company to take care of all the necessities? Renovation, design and repairs. Thanks in advance 
  • Good day to everyone. Our family is planning on starting a bakeshop around Sta. Ana Manila area. I would like to ask for some tips and questions which could help in setting up our family business. If there are bakers or owners of bakeries here, I'd like to know where is the best place to buy flour and other baking ingredients? Also where can you find good bakers for a bakeshop? I'm planning on putting up a job listing online, is that a viable solution?

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