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BDO Rewards and other SM Loyalty Programs |||| FAQ p.1

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BDO Sapphire & Diamond Rewards Cardmembership

BDO Sapphire & Diamond Rewards Cardmembership | SAPIRO & DYAMANTE | BDO Sapphire & Diamond Rewards Cardmembership


SM Prestige Cardmembership


New Website: SMAC Prestige



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    New Website: SMAC Prestige

    SMAC Prestige

    Exclusivity does have its perks with SMAC Prestige. As a member of this elite membership program, you will get to enjoy exclusive shopping offers, access to the SMAC Prestige Lounge, priority fitting rooms at The SM Store, courtesy check-out lanes at SM Markets, valet shopping, and so much more.


    Make Shopping Extra Rewarding



    Unlock SMAC Prestige

    If you’re an active SMAC member with at least P300,000 spend at The SM Store and other SM retail stores, then you can qualify to be a SMAC Prestige member.

    You’ll be notified of this membership status promotion via SMS, phone call, or email. For any questions about SMAC Prestige, call SMAC Assist at 8-833-8888 or 7-944-3888.


    SMAC Prestige Lounge

    Tucked away in select branches of The SM Store, the SMAC Prestige Lounge is an elegant and comfortable haven where you can unwind in luxe interiors, catch up on the latest news, quietly sip a cup of coffee, and avail yourself of priority shopping services that take the whole SM experience to a new level.

    The lounge boasts of modern interiors that span spacious reception and waiting areas with private powder room and free unlimited Wi-Fi connection, making it the perfect place for you to unwind after a day’s shopping. With well-trained Guest Relations Assistants, you will be assisted with all your other needs such as bills payment services and courtesy package counters among other things.

    Indulge yourself at the SMAC Prestige Lounge in the following The SM Store branches:

    Aura Premier
    Upper Ground Floor
    Near Cashier 3
    3rd Floor beside 
    Kitchenware Section
    Upper Ground Floor
    near Men's Wear Section
    3rd Floor near
    Cashier 23 and
    Car Park Entrance
    CDO Downtown
    3rd Floor beside Counter 10
    Ground Floor near
    Teen's Wear Department
    3rd Floor near
    Ace Hardware
    Ground Level near
    Cashier 3
    General Santos
    Ground Level near Foreign Exchange Counter
    2nd Floor, Between
    Baby Company &
    Infants Wear Section
    Lanang Premier
    Basement Level near
    Parking Area
    3rd Floor, Near Gift Registry and SM Home
    4th Floor, Near
    SM Appliance Center
    Mall of Asia
    3rd floor, Furniture Section
    3rd floor, Near Ladies Wear
    2nd Floor, Building B Near Ladies Wear
    North EDSA
    3rd Floor, Main Building Near Ladies Wear
    Ground Floor,
    Between Kultura & Bills Payment
    San Lazaro
    3rd Floor
    beside Cashier 21
    Basement Level
    beside Cashier 1
    Seaside City - Cebu
    Upper Ground Floor near Ladies Wear Department

    SMAC Prestige Lounge Rules

    Please take the time to read through our SMAC Prestige Lounge Rules so as to be guided accordingly while enjoying the deluxe comfort and offerings inside the Lounge.

    Read less
    • 1. No Card - No Entry. Members must present their valid SMAC Prestige Card and register at the Front Desk in order to gain access to the Lounge.
    • 2. The SMAC Prestige card is non-transferrable. The card shall only be presented by the member himself/ herself when signing-in at the Front Desk.
    • 3. Members may only bring in a maximum of two (2) guests. Children are counted as guests with the exemption of kids who are two (2) years and below; children twelve (12) years and under must at all times be accompanied by an adult. Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    • 4. Strictly No Seat Reservation. Once a member or their guests leave the Lounge premises, their seats shall be offered to other members and guests.
    • 5. Unattended bags and personal belongings shall automatically be turned over to the Officer-On-Duty for safe keeping at the Package Counter.
    • 6. As courtesy to other members and guests, all conversations and use of electronic gadgets should be kept to a minimum volume. Kindly use earphones for your listening pleasure.
    • 7. Bringing in of outside food and beverages, eating, sleeping, taking unnecessary photos, smoking, and gambling are strictly prohibited.
    • 8. Members and their guests are not allowed to conduct business meetings and practice their profession inside the Lounge.
    • 9. Unpaid merchandise are not allowed to be brought inside the Lounge.
    • 10. Pets are not allowed.
    • 11. SMAC Prestige properties such as newspapers, magazines, toiletries, and the like are not allowed to be taken out of the Lounge Premises.
    • 12. All concerns should be directed to the Lounge Supervisor. If issues should arise regarding other members and their guests, the Lounge Supervisor shall manage the situation.


    The SMAC Prestige Management reserves the right to ask members and their guests who violate the SMAC Prestige House Rules and/or terms and conditions of the SMAC Prestige Program to leave the Lounge. Violations of these guidelines may lead to membership revocation.

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    How do I become an SMAC Prestige member?

    To be eligible for SMAC Prestige membership, you must be an active SMAC member with a spending of at least P300,000 at The SM Store and other SM Retail Partners within 2 years. Your membership will be upgraded as soon as you reach the spending requirement. You may also be nominated by an SM retail establishment to qualify for the program.

    How will I know if I have qualified for SMAC Prestige membership?

    You’ll be notified of this membership status promotion via SMS, phone call, or email. For any questions about SMAC Prestige, you may call SMAC Assist through the following numbers:

    • Within Metro Manila - 8-833-8888 or 7-944-3888
    • Outside Metro Manila - 1-800-10-833-8888 or 1-800-8-944-3888.
    • Globe - 0917-833-2090
    • Smart - 0998-533-8888
    • Sun - 0923-833-8888

    How do I get my SMAC Prestige Card?

    To claim your SMAC Prestige, visit the Customer Service Counter of any branch of The SM Store. Present your SMAC and a valid ID.

    What happens to the points I earned using my SMAC?

    Your SMAC points will automatically be transferred to your SMAC Prestige Card.

    How do I renew my SMAC Prestige membership?

    Your SMAC Prestige membership will be automatically renewed provided that you maintain the minimum spending requirement of P120,000 per year.

    How do I know if I have qualified for Prestige membership renewal?

    You will be notified via transaction receipt, text message, telephone call, or email.

    Will I be provided a new SMAC Prestige Card when renewed?

    Yes, you will be provided with a new SMAC Prestige Card upon renewal.

    What do I do if my SMAC Prestige Card gets lost?

    To report a lost card and immediately block it, choose from the following options:

    • Call SMAC Assist at any of the following numbers:
      • Within Metro Manila - 8-833-8888 or 7-944-3888
      • Outside Metro Manila - 1-800-10-833-8888 or 1-800-8-944-3888
      • Globe - 0917-833-2090
      • Smart - 0998-533-8888
      • Sun - 0923-833-8888
    • Go to the nearest Customer Service Counter of any The SM Store branch to report the loss and file a request for replacement.

    Please note that there is a replacement fee of P80. Remaining points from your lost card will be automatically transferred to your new card. 

    What happens if I don’t meet the minimum required spending for SMAC Prestige members?

    Your membership will be reverted to SMAC.

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    Initial Membership Requirement & Renewal/Tier Upgrade Requirements

    >What are the requirements to join the program?

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    How will their membership level be determined after the 2-year validity period?

    The membership level will be determined by the total points earned in the first 2 years of membership.
    Sapphire: 2,500 to 9,999 points
    Diamond: 10,000 points and above

    Can a member be upgraded to the next membership level before the 2-year card renewal schedule?
    Tier evaluation is every 2 years. However, a member can request for an early upgrade provided the minimum points requirement for the tier is met.

    Will redeeming points affect the earning of points required to maintain or be upgraded to the next level?
    No, redeeming of points will not affect the earning of points to reach the next level. Neither will it result to any downgrading of tier level.

    Is it possible for a member to be downgraded?
    Yes, it is possible for a member to be downgraded if the points earned within 2 years do not meet the required number of points to stay within that tier.

    Would transferred points from my SM Advantage Card to my BDO Rewards Card be considered in determining my membership level the following year?
    No, transferred points from your SM Advantage Card will not be considered. Points earned from non-SM partners are also not considered for determining membership level but can be used for redemption purposes. Membership level determination is limited to points earned with the BDO Rewards Card only.
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    How long is a Member's Card valid?
    Cards are valid for two (2) years and validity date can be determined by the "valid thru" date printed on the card. This provides for efficient management of program tier upgrading and downgrading and avoids abuse or misuse of perks and privileges.

    Will the BDO Rewards Card expire?
    Yes. This provides for efficient management of program tier upgrading and downgrading and avoids abuse or misuse of perks and privileges.

    Can both clients of a Joint Account get a card each?
    No, only the Primary Account holder will be issued a BDO Rewards Card.

    Will clients owning multiple bank products/ accounts be issued several BDO Rewards cards also?
    No, clients are only assigned one Client Information File (CIF) for all his availed bank products and services. Because of this, only one BDO Rewards membership number is assigned per client.
    However, clients can earn points from ALL their qualified bank transactions provided that they meet the requirements of each.

    What if the other client (the one that was not given a card in the joint account) has another BDO account, can he join the program?
    Yes, provided that the client meets the membership requirements.

    Is the BDO Rewards Card a credit card?
    No. The BDO Rewards Card works like a cash card which stores the free shopping points earned by a BDO Rewards member from his/her qualified BDO products and transactions. Similar to SM Advantage, members can also earn points for their purchases at SM Department Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, SM retail establishments and other BDO Rewards partners. When a member has earned at least 50 points, the BDO Rewards Card may be used to shop for free in any of the SM stores and its affiliates.

    Why is it important to activate the BDO Rewards card?
    Upon receipt of card, the first step is to activate the card. Activation will enable continuous earning of points, points redemption and renewal of card. All members* are given six (6) months to activate from date of card issuance. Failure to do so will result to forfeiture of points earned.

    *Except for purely Asenso Kabayan accountholders who are given two (2) years to activate from card issuance
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    How can members replace lost or damaged cards?
    To replace a lost or damaged card, members must call the BDO Rewards Hotline. Click HERE.

    Is there a card replacement fee?
    Replacement fee for Sapphire and Diamond is WAIVED..
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    One (1) BDO Rewards Point = PHP 1.00

    BDO Rewards members can redeem points at the following Rewards Partners:

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    Nakalaan na Paskil.
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    Road to BDO Diamond Rewards Status

    Ni @Jake 2.0 

    JAKE2.0: Kung ako ang tatanungin ninyo dapat i-boycott iyang pagpapadala ng BDO cards na kabahagi ng CL naman; pampagulo lang lalo na sa mga katulad natin na marami ng card na pinanatili.
    Tapos kung gusto ninyong maging VIP sa BDO in general, choose to use either Platinum OR Titanium MC Visa Platinum, Diamond UnionPay para hindi nakakalat ang CC points to earned from purchase and this will lead you into BDO Diamond Rewards status.

    Kapag Dyamante ka na, iba ang pakiramdam ng priority banking; di mo kailangan pumila. Ang gwardya, pagkakita pa lang ng card mo, ia-assist ka agad sa teller o sa tagapamahala ng sangay (BM) ang gagawa lahat ng bank transactions mo ipapa-priority ka niya aside from SM Prestige status at mga local lounges access visit kada taon.

    Before i used all my cards from purchases but now ang BDO ang pangunahin ko. Kapag ubos na CL, dito pa lang makikinabang ang ibang card. With the combine power purchase to earn points of my BDO Platinum MC, SM purchase points (SMAC) earned plus points from savings in just nine months, naging Diamond Rewards Cardmember ako.

    Noon, hindi ko pansin ang Platinum MC ko sa BDO pero nang maramdaman kong elite credit cardmember ako sa mga bangko, nadismaya ako dahil akoý karaniwang kliyente na pipila at naghihintay na matawagan. I feel sad and dissappointed kaya sinabi ko sa sarili ko, “What is the important having an elite cards kung wala ka namang VIP treatment sa mga banks transactions
    In other words,kapag spread ang spending spread din ang mga points wala silang patutunguhan?”  You will not enjoy as early as possible ang mga perks and privileges. 
    Pero kung may pera ka go to BPI Gold/ACR card or SB Gold Circle, HSBC Advance, depende sa preferrentials mo. 
    Sa akin, BDO Unibank is undisputed once na naging Diamond Rewards Card ka. Imagine banking hours up to 7pm and wide network of branches nationwide. 

    Again,this is based on my analysis study and experiences.

    >Edited. Post #1716 of AMEX Thread III

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    (*Not Updated*)
    Bank Loyalty Program REVIEW:
    BDO Diamond Rewards vs BPI Preferred Banking
    By gibsonfan

    The two biggest banks in the country offer a "mass affluent" banking product for their clients. These are different from Private Banking products, which the two banks also offer. In this post, I'd like to compare the two banks' mass affluent programs - BDO Rewards Diamond and BPI's Preferred Banking (also known as "Preferred Client" or "Gold" by some). 


    Mall/Shopping Perks

    As we all know, both banking groups are owned by the two biggest mall/shop operators in the country as well. Ayala for BPI and SM for BDO. Both banking products offer perks with both groups. 

    BPI offers automatic eligibility to be invited to Ayala Rewards Circle - Ayala's own elite shopper program. This is given for free for any top customer of an Ayala brand (in Globe, for example, Platinum subscribers get membership as well). BPI Preferred is one way to get in. There are no points in the program but you do get perks such as year-round discounts at shops, hotels, Ayala-owned car dealerships  and restaurants. You also get access to ARC's very own concierge service (which is very good, in my experience) to help you with all kinds of requests - reservations, trip assistance, etc. ARC also offers free lounge access to Ayala Malls lounges and paid restrooms as well as priority lanes in all Ayala Malls Cinemas (separate line for ARC members). You also get priority service in all Ayala brands (no need to line up at Globe, BPI, etc). Lastly, they also send out semi-regular invites to ARC members-only events - I've had invites for exclusive product launches by designer brands, talks/seminars, etc. 

    Here are the BPI perks (waived fees, discounts on rates, forex): 


    How do I get one?


    They used to be invite-only but they now have clear eligibility criteria as you see above. 250k in a single account. 


    BDO offers a tiered program actually via BDO Rewards. Emerald is the lowest while Diamond is the highest. For this post, I will be using the Diamond level as this is their mass affluent level product. 

    Mall/Shopping Perks

    BDO is owned by another large operator - SM. As such, its banking product is also tied in to SM's large network of malls and shops. The biggest difference here is that BDO Rewards has a very comprehensive points system. Any shopping you do at any SM affiliated store or partner store earns you points, which are valued at 1 point per peso. This effectively gives you a cashback rebate mechanism (at 1 point/200 spend at SM Dept Store for example, you get an effective cashback of 0.5% - very similar to what cashback credit cards offer, and this is on top of any credit cards points/rewards you get since this is a separate system). As a free component of the program, it's a no-brainer to always use your BDO Rewards card whenever you buy anything at SM. Their partners also vary - Uniqlo is partner as well as Shell Gas Stations. BDO Rewards also runs a lot of promo campaigns year-round tied-in with SM Advantage, the mall's own program. For example, they now have 2-3 PHP discounts at Shell stations per liter and they often run bonus points days. Diamond level members get all the perks that SM Prestige offers as well - access to Prestige lounges in malls, access to Prestige lanes at stores and groceries, personal shoppers, a separate secure baggage counter at lounges, and free gift wrapping. Diamond members also get invites to Prestige-only sales. During SM sales, Diamond members usually get first dibs since first days are usually reserved for Prestige. They also usually offer extra 5-10% discounts. SM Cinemas also offers separate lanes for Diamond members so you no longer have to line up. 

    Diamond also offers some exclusive perks such as free airport lounge access (also offering access to the elusive Pacific Club in T3, which only BPI Skymiles Platinum has). T1 access is given with an option of 2 lounges (PAGSS and Cub Manila). 

    The BDO perks are also not bad. Virtually all BDO transactions gets you points as well - deposits, paying bills online, loans, etc. They give you free checkbooks, manager's checks, waived fees, and the like as well. Perhaps most importantly, Diamond members are given priority whenever transacting at any BDO branch - just show your card to the guard/officer and they'll assist you right away. No need to line up. This is extremely valuable especially since BDO offers the only almost 24/7 branch banking in the country. Their branches in major areas like malls or casinos are open even on weekends and holidays. Having instant access to any branch on any day with no need to line up (mall branch lines are usually long) is a big plus for anyone who has a lot of banking transactions regularly. 

    How do I get one?


    BDO has a higher barrier to entry. At 5M for initial membership, you can already get access to the mass affluent programs of the country's international banks (Citigold, HSBC Premier), which have their own set of strengths, especially if you do a lot of overseas transactions. But depending on your needs and lifestyle, the 24/7 priority branch banking, easy access to branches (largest branch network) and SM perks may be more compelling. 

    The Verdict 

    Both have their own set of strengths. ARC is a more unique loyalty program than SM's Prestige but does not offer any points-earning whatsoever. A large factor may be where you go more - Ayala Malls or SM Malls. One also has to consider that BDO has a much wider reach than BPI in terms of branches, especially in malls and weekends/holidays. BDO Diamond offers slightly more perks like airport lounge access. In-branch treatment is sort of better with BDO Diamond vs BPI Preferred in my experience. Some BPI branches don't have Preferred banking lanes (while some that do don't have a teller in them  ). With BDO Diamond, it's more discreet as well - you can go straight to any officer or manager and they'll handle your transaction behind the scenes. For some people, it's uncomfortable to transact at BPI Preferred lanes especially when you see a sea of people in the branch waiting for their turn. 

    I wish they start to offer better perks for both banks. Other banks are catching up - Security Bank Gold Circle gets you free ATM withdrawals anywhere - like HSBC and Citi. You can also open an account and do everything online - they send someone to your house/office to finalize it. EastWest Priority Banking gets you a FFL Visa Infinite credit card, which has a good rewards system. 

    In my case, I must say I prefer BDO Diamond more than BPI Preferred. The extra perks like lounge access at airports is a big plus, even if you already have it via other means - Priority Pass or credit cards like Amex Platinum. It's always nice to have a back-up. My own in-branch experiences also have shown me that BDO treats its customers well, especially Diamond customers, vs BPI, even if you are a Preferred Client of BPI. That said, BPI Preferred is still a good program. I keep it primarily since I still use the BPI mobile transfer facility to receive payments sometimes, it's still the most common bank transfer done among Filipinos I think. ARC is also not bad - but it's attainable via other means as well. 

    * for those interested in Private Banking products, you may contact their units directly - BDO starts at 5-10M while BPI starts at 25M. 

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    Are AMEX and DCI card points eligible for BDO Rewards Card points conversion?

    Why AMEX Cards cannot consider BDO Credit Cards (technically)
    Though issued by the PH's Largest Bank, American Express and DCI cards are somehow separated among BDO credit cards arsenal.
    MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and CUP brands are considered BDO Credit Cards.
    AMEX (even Discover/DCI) has own different business model and separate membership rewards program and catalogue (AMEX MR & AMEX Incentivo) from BDO Credit Cards catalogue.
    Aside from partnering with other financial institutions (in our case, BDO), AMEXCO also works as the credit card issuers.
    Check the https://www.binlist.net/ to see if BDO-issued AMEX card is tagged as BDO credit card or not.
    Maybe (my assumption), this is also the reason why AMEX Card (even Diners/Discover cards) does (do) not qualify as a requirement for BDO Rewards loyalty program

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    UPDATED REQUIREMENTS as of November 2018:

    Image uploaded by newbie888 - BDO Cards S4 (page 108)

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