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Ateneo vs UP Personal Dilemma: Help/Opinions Greatly Appreciated!

Hey guys, I'm currently a senior at an international school here in Manila and I'm in the process of choosing a college to attend this upcoming school year. As a scholar in my school, I applied to 10 universities in the United States hoping to receive a full scholarship but I ended up getting rejected by 6 and waitlisted by the rest. While I work through that, I received news that I was accepted into UP Diliman as a BS Statistics major and Ateneo as a BS Management Engineering major without scholarship however.

Given that my future career aspirations lie in either management/finance, which choice makes more sense? Any opinions that could weight out the pros/cons of each? Is there a way to switch major in either school before the start of school? Also, are there any affordable apartments/dorms near the area as I would prefer to have my own place rather than share a communal space. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Firstly, a Statistics degree can also be used to penetrate the financial industry. I know a lot of my batchmates who are Statistics majors who are in the upper echelons of the banking sector now. So, it's not about the course, in your case, actually given the importance of data science in the industry now.  

    Secondly, if Ateneo tuition is not an issue, then consider the blue school. Otherwise, UPD is a sensible choice since you will be paying almost nothing given the Universal Access to Tertiary Education Act. You'll have more money to spare then.  You'll enjoy more your college life. 

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