UST Reconsideration help

(Made a new post cuz the last same post I made had a category error lol and I can't delete it)

So unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet the required score for UST Architecture during USTET Results... so I'm planning to have a reconsideration. The thing is, I am a HUMSS student (yes wrong strand for Archi, I know) but I really really want to study at UST College of Architecture. 
Is there another way for me to enter UST despite not being under the STEM strand? I did qualify for Interior design however, but it's not really my interest..


  • SmAllSmAll Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If you dont get reconsidered, just take up interior design. Then shift to architecture after a term or two. Hopefully most of your units will be credited since frosh units are generally common. Your remaining problem is to get good grades to convince them that you are qualified to shift.

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