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Hi! I'm an incoming grade 12 STEM student. And I'm from Bicol. Eversince, my dream is to study in UP.  Tbh i'm not that confident about myself. I kind of doubt that i'll pass. My highschool grades (G9-11) are not that high, my gen average is 90. It was clearly my fault for being so lazy to pass my requirements (I guess our school system has killed my motivation. I think that their requirements is irrelevant to our strand like attending a concert and event, if you buy a book you can have extra points wth and if you're a teacher's favorite then you can definitely get an incentives and a high grades.) Even so i can say despite not passing my requirements i still passed my subjects because i got a high score during quizzes and exams most esp in science. I can't help but to overthink cause i know that my grades will definitely make a difference in my passing rate. But still want to try. Do you think I have a chance to pass the UPCAT? I didn't enroll in any review centers but i plan/will review throughout the summer. Please give me tips on how to pass the upcat, the contents of the exam and what are the topics that i should focus on. Your replies po is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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  • gerbilgerbil Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
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    You get a chance to pass if you prepare for it, hindi yung puro ka palusot. Wala sa school yan, kung wala kang preparation, walang mangyayari sa iyo. If gusto mo talaga sa UP, paghandaan mo. May mga UPCAT reviewers tingnan mo na sa bookstore, check mo yung contents, ano ang coverage. Dahil sigurado hindi covered ng school nyo lahat ng mga topics. 
  • yellowumbrella03yellowumbrella03 PEx Rookie ⭐
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    yung general average mo is okay pero kailangan paghandaang mabuti kung gusto mo pumasa ng UPCAT. advisable na mag enroll sa review centers kasi hindi lang coverage ng exam and irereview niyo pati yung techniques ng pagsagot ng questions given the limited time you have. pero tiwala lang and syempre effort, papasa ka ;)


  • i_am_belisariusi_am_belisarius the unbeaten PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    So every program at UP Diliman is now a quota course. That means non-UPCAT passers have no chance of appeal into UPD.
  • @gerbil Noted po:) Thank you po for the advice and for answering my questions. 
  • @yellowumbrella03 Hello po! Aweee thank you po. I won't expect po pero *crossed fingers* sana po makapasa. I know po. Preparation is really one of the key. I'm reviewing na po. Thank you po!
  • Thank you po sa lahat ng nagreply. I truly appreciate it. 😭💓

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