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Is it difficult to get into Silliman University?

I have been searching for answers about Silliman University's admission exam for those who are interested in taking up nursing and hardly ound any. I am very anxious as I didn't take exams from other colleges and universities aside from two state universities which are my "fallbacks" in case I don't get into S.U. For those who have studied in SU or know it very well, these are my questions (questions that kill me every night):

1. Do they reject students? 
2. Is the (nursing) admission exam difficult? What (subjects/topics) is it comprised of?
3. If I enter a bridging course (which is highly probable for I took a strand that is not aligned with the course I am about to take) for, say, a semester, will I be able to continue with my preferred course on the second sem, or do I still have to take the first sem of my preferred course after finishing the one-semester bridging course?
4. How long will it take to get the results of the admission exam?
5. Dorms/apartments outside Silliman?
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