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Eperformax Cebu Training Process

Hello po :) I have a question po because I don't really understand eperformax training process. I am now in my 4th week training for gct. We were told that for us to certify we need to pass our extemporaneous speech and then after that we will have our account interview and if you pass you will have your pst. However last monday I was pulled out from our class, I was told to go to a room and later informed that I am already scheduled for the account interview. I haven't done my extemporaneous speech so I was so confused. Luckily I was able to pass my account interview and I was thinking that that would be it, tho I don't really know the basis or as to why I was asked to do my account interview without doing the extemporaneous speech to certify. And I was thinking that all I have to do now is to wait for the other trainees to have their account interview so that we can start our pst probably next week. But yesterday I was called by my trainer and she let me do the extemporaneous speech, I was not able to do it properly because I had some dead airs and stuff. I'm not really sure what will happen now. So I just wanted to ask if is it still possible that even if I passed my account interview first and I messed up my extemporaneous speech, will I still be part of the pst next week or will I be asked to go back to gct? 

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