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"Spiritual faith" is needed so you don't feel as bad killing people

Frank_MackyFrank_Macky Heretic / Infidel PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Because you're doing it "for God and country" and the other side are human beings whose lives are worth less than your tribe's.

"Advocates for the policy say the military is simply doing everything it can to promote emotional well-being among troops, especially in the face of its growing suicide epidemic. (Last year, the U.S. military saw more active duty soldiers commit suicide than die in combat — 48 of them Marines.)"

The suicide epidemic is described here:

William told his mother: "You would hate me if you knew what I've done out there."

"I will never hate you. You are the same person you always were," she said.

"No, Mom," he countered. "The son you loved died over there."

It is easier to kill when you are relatively mindless & reflect less on your acts... just keep repeating bible verses over and over again. Much like the crazed jihadists on the other side will repeat their Quranic verses equally mindlessly as they kill and behead people.

How ironic that in order to drown one's conscience one needs to believe in fairy tale beings that are supposed to be the embodiment of 'absolute good' and 'absolute love'.

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