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TIP Architecture?

Hello! I'm planning to pursue Architecture in TIP QC... I was wondering if there are any present/former TIP Archi students here that can give some ideas and tips on what to expect for upcoming Archi freshmen (what subjects to take, difficulty, expenses, experience etc)

For former Archi students naman, was it easy finding a job after graduating and taking the board exam?


  • Ayon sa kakilala ko. May mga prof, na daw na nagbibigay ng option para sa mga magtatapos na student. Kaya di na mahirap para sa iba dahil minsan mismong ang prof. na din daw ang nagrerefer pero depende pa rin po yun sa paaralan. Pwede kang magtanong sa mismong school na papasukan mo, I think may mga facebook fan page naman sila or online website.
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