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Atty Persida Acosta of PAO's success - DOH declares a measles outbreak in NCR

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    Atty Persida Acosta's persistent, over dramatic and constant demonizing of the vaccine Dengvaxia has resulted to people refusing vaccination all together for their children. the fear mongering worked, now there is a measles outbreak at the NCR, an easily preventable disease with a simple vaccine for it. 
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    not only Atty Persida Acosta but also Dr. Erfe and the other doctors who have joined Acosta in demonizing Dengvaxia. 
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    this is on Atty Persida Acosta : 

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    Hence, the "measles outbreak" narrative.  ;)

    House panels recommend filing of charges vs Aquino, Abad, Garin over Dengvaxia mess

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    DoH Vaccine Preventable Disease monthly surveillance reports from March to August 2018 consistently show that over DoH itself claims that the single biggest reason behind non-vaccination is busy mothers (30%).

    This reason, along with ineligibility, sickness, neglect, inaccessibility, and religious beliefs, comprise over 85% of all reasons behind unvaccinated cases.

    Fear of side effects and other reasons, which include parent refusal, make up less than 15% of the reasons for unvaccinated measles cases. 

    In short, even if we assume that the Dengvaxia Crisis scared some parents, it can only be blamed for, at worst, 15% of unvaccinated measles cases. 

    Moreover, the same DOH reports show a vast majority of the unvaccinated measles cases could have been prevented if Duque and Badoy spent less time blaming PAO and private citizens and more time in educating the public through information campaigns. 

    In short, DoH Sec. Duque, and PCOO Usec. Badoy were simply using PAO and anti-Dengvaxia activist-bloggers as a poor alibi for their own incompetence and possibly, their own vested interests.

    And they have been doing this since March 2018.

    Should the Ombudsman step in?

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    Duterte Sabotaged Our Country’s Vaccination Efforts

    We are now officially a nation of anti-vaxxers.

    This was the lament of a netizen regarding the outbreak of diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines.

    In a Facebook post, Gerry Cacanindin, a creative writer by profession, shared that they brought their daughter to the pediatrician last Saturday for her scheduled vaccine shot. He said that they were made to wait for two hours as the doctor came in late.

    “She apologized as she had to do extra rounds in the hospital,” Cacanindin wrote.

    He said that after her daughter got the vaccine shots for this month, the pediatrician advised them to be extra careful so that their child will not be afflicted with any sickness that will require hospital confinement.

    “Our pedia warned us to take extra precaution by making sure our daughter doesn’t catch anything that would require for her to be admitted in a hospital,” he said.

    The reason according to the doctor is that almost all hospitals are full because children are being admitted and confined for various infections.

    “The reason? Hospitals are at full capacity with no room vacancies. Lots of children are down with measles, flu, and all sorts of infection that are otherwise vaccine-preventable,” Cacanindin added.

    He directly blamed president Rodrigo Duterte for the dramatic drop in the vaccination of children.

    “This is what happens when a leader goes on a political witch hunt by using the issue of Dengvaxia to spread fear,” Cacanindin quipped.

    “Duterte singlehandedly sabotaged his own country’s vaccination efforts,” he continued.

    The decline in the vaccination rate is attributed to the so-called Dengvaxia scare which was caused by the reckless, irresponsible but unsubstantiated accusation by some entities led by the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) and the Volunteers Against Crime And Corruption (VACC) linking the death of some children to the anti-Dengue vaccine.

    “The unnecessary fear and panic, largely brought about by the imprudent language and unsubstantiated accusations by persons whose qualifications to render any expert opinion on the matter are questionable at best, have caused many parents to resist having their children avail of life-saving vaccines that our government gives,” an excerpt from a statement issued by 58 doctors and scientists last year.

    The Department of Health (DOH) claimed that the kid’s vaccination rate went down to 60% after the Dengvaxia controversy.

    PAO had been filing Dengvaxia-related complaints such as murder, reckless imprudence resulting to homicide and even violation of the Anti-Torture law before the Department of Justice (DOJ).

    PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta disclosed that the filing of criminal complaints has the blessing of Duterte.

  • sargosargo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    measles outbreak declared in other areas. this can be national by the end of the week. 

    this is on Atty Persida Acosta 

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    DOH raises measles ‘red flag’ in more regions after NCR outbreak

    Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1082649/doh-raises-measles-red-flag-in-more-regions-after-ncr-outbreak#ixzz5eouzNTDK 
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    Persida Acosta is succeeding very well, the measles outbreak can become national very soon. 
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    panic time for Duterte and his admin. Atty Persida Acosta must be so proud of her achievement

    Duterte orders ‘vigorous campaign’ for immunization amid measles outbreak

    Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1082686/duterte-orders-vigorous-campaign-for-immunization-amid-measles-outbreak#ixzz5eovnCzA5 
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    Globally according to WHO.

    Kasalanan ng DOH o ni Acosta?

    This is a worldwide trend.

    Measles cases spike globally due to gaps in vaccination coverage

  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    PAO chief Persida Acosta on vaccine scare: 'Don’t look at me'

    MANILA, Philippines — Public Attorney’s Office chief Persida Rueda-Acosta has denied responsibility for the measles outbreak that health officials attributed to a vaccination scare arising from the PAO’s pursuit of cases involving the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine.

    Acosta yesterday turned the tables on the Department of Health (DOH), saying the outbreak was a result of the DOH’s “failure to campaign” for the measles immunization.

    “How can we be responsible for the measles problem today? It is the mandate of the DOH to campaign for proven immunization. We’re not against any tested vaccination. Our only concern here is Dengvaxia,” Acosta told journalists during the PAO National Convention at the Manila Hotel.

    Acosta was reacting to reports that PAO’s claim on Dengvaxia created a vaccine scare and discouraged the public from availing themselves of the government’s vaccination program.

    A group of doctors said Acosta’s unproven claim that Dengvaxia caused the death of several schoolchildren resulted in the drastic decline in vaccine confidence in the country.

    They said the vaccine confidence dropped to 32 percent in 2018 from 93 percent in 2015.

    Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said the decline in the immunization rate became significant last year as a result of the Dengvaxia controversy, although he said there are also other factors that contributed to the drop in the immunization rate.

    Health Secretary Francisco Duque III appealed to the public to separate the issue of Dengvaxia from the measles vaccine.

    Duque said he previously sought the coordination of PAO in addressing the Dengvaxia controvesy.

    He said Acosta refused and instead continued attacking the DOH and him.

    Acosta said it is unfair for the DOH to blame the PAO because the promotion and administration of vaccine is not the job of her office.

    “We did not cause that. We are not the ones who administered the mass vaccination,” she said, referring to the vaccine scare.

    “Those getting measles now should have been vaccinated in 2015, 2016 or 2017. Why wasn’t there a better campaign by the DOH for it and why didn’t they go house-to-house?” she added.

    Acosta said even the PAO’s pursuit of cases against those responsible for the deaths allegedly caused by Dengvaxia vaccine has nothing to do with measles vaccine.

    “We did not create the scare. It was Sanofi who organized a press conference on Nov. 29, 2017, saying that Dengvaxia cannot be administered to those without history of the disease. The vaccine was already given. So did PAO create the scare?” she said.

    Acosta said that PAO did not campaign against the measles immunization program of the DOH.

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    Palace agrees Dengvaxia scare sank vaccine confidence


    MANILA, Philippines — The Dengvaxia scare may have contributed to an outbreak of measles in parts of the Philippines, Malacañang said Thursday, while also acknowledging Public Attorney's Office Chief Persida Acosta's "passion" for cases related to the controversial vaccine.

    “Is that the reality [that the Dengvaxia probe caused vaccine scare]? Was the scandal what discouraged people from vaccinating? It seems so,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo told Palace reporters on Thursday. 

    The Department of Health confirmed Wednesday that there were a measles outbreaks in Metro Manila and Central Luzon. On Thursday, the DOH said there have alse been high incidences of measles cases in Central and Eastern Visayas. 

    Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has blamed PAO Chief Acosta's claims that the anti-dengue vaccine has caused the deaths of at least 32 people for a supposed erosion in the public's trust in the Health department and in vaccines.

    Acosta has been filing cases over deaths that she said happened after the victims were given Dengvaxia and that she said were caused by the vaccine, which was found in November 2017 to put those given the vaccine and who had not previously had dengue at risk of contracting severe dengue.

    The Department of Health and other experts have said that there is no direct link between Dengvaxia and the deaths of the children the PAO has investigated.

    Panelo said he agrees with this assessment.  

    “Duque's finding show deaths were linked to pneumonia, heart disease TB (tuberculosis) etc…,” Panelo said. 

    Duque said the “baseless” statements have eroded the agency’s reputation and affected trust in vaccines. 

    A 2018 study of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine noted that the country’s “highly-politicized response” to the reported risks posed by Dengvaxia has eroded overall public trust in immunization.

    The research, which involved 1,500 participants, found that the respondents who expressed confidence in vaccines declined to 32 percent last year from 93 percent in 2015.

    Acosta said however that her office should not be blamed for the outbreak. 

    Acosta: DOH should take responsibility

    "The one who should take responsibility is the DOH,” Acosta said in an interview with GMA’s "Unang Balita". She said: "They should be the ones to explain."

    She said PAO was “only doing its job” in carrying out the Dengvaxia investigations.

    Despite the Palace’s agreement with Duque, Panelo said they would also not stop Acosta from continuing the Dengvaxia probe. 

    He said that he understands Acosta’s “passion” as a lawyer. 

    “Well you know, the PAO chief as a lawyer is defending a theory that favors the clients. She's pursuing an advocacy, and [is] impassioned,” Panelo said. 

    He added, “So I cannot blame her for that. But even if we do that as lawyers, we are confronted with realities that our position may affect and impact negatively on the general public.”
    Acosta filed a case against Duque and 30 respondents April 2018 over death's the PAO chief believes to be caused by the dengvaxia vaccine, despite the fact that medical experts have rebuked this theory.

    Duque called the charges "baseless" and "oppressive."

    According to Panelo, President Rodrigo Duterte —  who encouraged the public last week to trust vaccinations — told Duque not to worry about the cases. 

    “[He said] don’t worry about your case, because it will prosper against,” Panelo said, saying the president was supportive of Duque. “The president is always affected by any negative outcome that relates to children,” he added.

    On Wednesday, Vice President Leni Robredo told the public to avoid “irresponsible comments” but would also not point specifically on who was to blame for the measles outbreak. 

    “[S]ana naiiwasan iyong mga irresponsible na mga comments saka accusation, na nakaka-erode ng tiwala ng tao sa kung ano iyong dapat nilang gawin, lalo na pagdating sa health ng mga bata,” Robredo said. (We should avoid irresponsible comments and accusations that erode trust in what should be done, especially when it comes to children’s health)

    “Itong vaccination na ito, parang — halimbawa, iyong measles, ano na tayo, eh, maganda na iyong numero natin at papunta na tayo doon sa eradication. Tapos dahil sa mga irresponsible na mga accusations, mga buhay ng ating mga kabataan iyong itinataya.” (These vaccinations, for example — measles, it was headed toward eradication. Then because of irresponsible accusations, our children’s lives are now at stake) 


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    Halata naman masyado...

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