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Is there a list of Preferred Banking in the Philippines? If so, is there a list with pros and cons? I have here a list below of what I personally know. I did not add the usual benefit that you'd see everywhere like Free withdrawals, investment insights and VIP queue (except for BPI as this is a really big plus if you line up at their queues). 

If you know any other preferred banking/VIP banking, kindly share. 

BPI Preferred 
+ ARC Card Benefit
+ Priority queue - very useful for BPI
By Invitation and no defined criteria

+ low entry fee of P500K
+ Higher TD Interest
+ Zero fees on ATM withdrawal and services
- other than those benefit, nothing else. 

HSBC Advance
+ very low entry fee of 100K
+ Global transfer - especially for people with overseas HSBC accounts (ie. OFW)
+ Free withdrawal with higher limit
+ Advance Visa with multiple currency (good for travelers) 

BDO Diamond
+ Lounge Access in Airports
+ SM Related privileges
- Higher entry fee of 5M for those without BDO Platinum and Titanium CC

Citibank Gold
+ Global Advantage - allows you to open account in other countries and transfer for free. 
- High entry fee of 4M
- Benefit seems lacking





  • jeffreydoejeffreydoe PEx Rookie ⭐
    Ask ko lang kung anu-ano po yung mga "clubs" sa banks natin dito sa Pilipinas para magkaron ng "preferential treatment" sa kani-kanilang mga banko?

    RCBC - Hexagon Club
    Security Bank - Gold Circle
    BDO - SM Prestige (?)
    BPI - Ayala Rewards Circle

    Ano pa po yung mga iba? Haha just curious really.
  • gibsonfangibsonfan Member PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    You're talking about "mass affluent" banking arms ng banks. 

    PNB has a similar one -

    BDO is Diamond Rewards not Prestige (pero may Prestige benefits siya). 5M starting.

    BPI is technically Preferred Banking (Ayala Rewards Circle is a benefit for members of Preferred Banking). 

    You can look into the respective threads ng depositors' threads ng SecB, BPI, etc. Marami na rin discussions about them. 

    EastWest has Priority Banking (parang Private Banking nila), I believe at 2.5M. BDO, BPI also have private banking arms separate pa from what you have sa preferred banking. 5-10M and 25M respectively sila. 

    Citi and HSBC both have mass affluent arms as well (Citi Priority, Citigold, Advance, & Premier - 1M, 4.5M, 100k, 4M respectively). Then they also have Private banking arms as well (I know HSBC needs 5M USD minimum). 

    They all have different perks, benefits, and uses. Please defer to the respective threads for more in-depth analysis nila. 
  • piquanteyepiquanteye Member PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    edited September 2018
    BDO is BDO Private Banking dba?

    PNB is Prio1 pero bubuhayin pa ba nila ang PNB Pinnacle? 

    UnionBank is already affluent. Hehe
  • piquanteyepiquanteye Member PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    edited January 30
    EastWest Priority Banking
    BDO Private?

    HSBC Premiere, HSBC Private

    Maybank Premiere Wealth

    PNB Priority.. Meron pang isa sa PNB Pinnacle

    RCBC Hexagon club

    Pili lang suki
  • gibsonfangibsonfan Member PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Really depends on what you need and which ones are close. More or less the same. 

    Just to add - BDO Diamond gets priority lane sa any branch too (better than BPI's priority lane since there are more branches especially on weekends). In my experience, unless you're not in your branch, hit and miss ang "preferred" treatment ni BPI. 

    Citi and HSBC get plus points for me since you get real 24/7 banking (with cheque deposits any time), not just a cash machine. HSBC Advance already lets you open accounts anywhere in the world with a fee (Premier does this for you for free). Great if you travel a lot or stay abroad for a certain amount of time. 

    Add EWB Priority - min of 2.5 M to quality. 

    HSBC Premier at 4m, HSBC Private at 5M USD. BDO Private at 10m. BPI Private at 25m. 
  • akoposipongakoposipong PEx Rookie ⭐
    Tanong ko lng tungkol sa bdo diamond  perks.

    Paano kung my elite ka na sa kanila tpos emerald reward ka na before since my account ka sa kanila. Pwede mo ba epa upgrade sa diamond rewards? Thanks
  • Strong7PowerStrong7Power Member PEx Moderator
    Tanong ko lng tungkol sa bdo diamond  perks.

    Paano kung my elite ka na sa kanila tpos emerald reward ka na before since my account ka sa kanila.

    Pwede mo ba ipa-upgrade sa Diamond rewards? Thanks
    Di ka na eligible sa initial requirement na Elite Cards + malaking CA/SA para sa Diamond level.

    Kailangan mo makakuha ng 10,000 points during two-year evaluation period. Wala ng ibang paraan pa sa pagkakataong ito.
  • gibsonfangibsonfan Member PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Tanong ko lng tungkol sa bdo diamond  perks.

    Paano kung my elite ka na sa kanila tpos emerald reward ka na before since my account ka sa kanila. Pwede mo ba epa upgrade sa diamond rewards? Thanks
    Kailangan maka earn ng 10k points kasi meron ka na. Sa initial card lang yun. 
  • akoposipongakoposipong PEx Rookie ⭐
    Salamat po sa sagot. Ang hirap mag diamond jusmiyo 😂.
  • massivexplosivemassivexplosive Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited August 11
    Pa join ng thread na to! as some of my virtual buddies already know ( @gibsonfan, @piquanteye), eto yung “trip” ko sa ngayon 😀

    Iadd ko lang ang wala sa list:
    UnionBank Business Class
    • No local and international ATM charges
    • Priority treatment
    • Lounge access
    • Waived ABD requirement in deposit accounts (not published)
    • free bank statement (have tried; not sure with bank certification or cheque books, etc)
    • you’ll be offered credit card

    **at least 1 million TRB

  • massivexplosivemassivexplosive Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Could somebody share with Citi Priority too? 

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