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* new titles


The Best American Movie Writing 1998. George Plimpton, P 200.00
The Birdcage. Robert Rodi, P 100.00
Bongbong at Kris/Batang Pro. Bienvenido Noriega, Jr., P 250.00 *
Brokeback Mountain Story to Screenplay. Larry Mcmurthy and Diana Ossana, P 350.00 * 
The Film Encyclopedia 5th edition. Ephraim Katz, P 500.00 * 
Film in Sweden. Francesco Bono and Maaret Koskinen, P 100.00 *
The Films of Asean. Jose F. Lacaba P 300.00 *
Halliwell's Film & Video Guide, P 250.00 * 
Inside Philippine Cinema 1970-1990. J. Eddie Infante, P 150.00 * 
Jeffrey. Paul Rudnick, P 80.00
Malikhaing Pelikula. Manny Reyes, P 250.00 * 
Michael Collins Film Diary & Screenplay. Neil Jordan, P 100.00 * 
Mojo & A Filmmaker's Diary (Screenplay). Jez Butterworth, P 120.00
The Movie Book. Phaidon Press Limited, P 1, 200.00
Native Resistance: Philippine Cinema and Colonialism 1898-1941. Cloadualdo A. del Mundo, P 150.00 *
Nixon, An Oliver Stone Film (Screenplay). Eric Hamburg, P 350.00
On Golden Pond.  Earnest Thompson  P 50.00 *
1000 Makers of the Cinema.  Robin Morgan & George Perry, P200.00 (with water stain) 
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: 5th Anniversary Edition. Stephen Jay Schneide, P 600.00
Roger Ebert's Video Companion. 1998 Edition, P 350.00
Six Great Modern Plays.  Tennessee Williams,  Arthur Miller,  Anton Chekhov,  Henrik Ibsen,  George Bernard Shaw, Sean O'Casey (with tear on last page) P 75.00 *
Strange Days: A Screenplay. James Cameron, P 150.00
SubUrbia (Screenplay). Eric Bogosian, P 120.00
Twister The Original Screenplay. Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin, P 150.00

The Age of Innocence. Edith Wharton, P 200.00
American New Fowler’s Modern English Usage. R.W. Burchfield, P 250.00
Angela's Ashes: A Memoir. Frank McCourt and McCourt, P 150.00
Anil's Ghost. Michael Ondaatje, 300.00
Anne of Green Gables. L.M. Montgomery, P 80.00
Border Music. Robert James Waller, P 70.00
Burger's Daughter. Nadine Gordimer, P 250.00
The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. C.S. Lewis, P 80.00
Cities of the Plain. Cormac McCarthy, P 300.00
Collins Pocket Webster’s Thesaurus, P 150.00
Congo. Michael Crichton, P 50.00
The Cuckoo Tree. Joan Aiken, P 40.00
Cyrano de Bergerac. Edmond Rostand,  P 40.00 *
Dad. William Wharton, P 75.00
Damage. Josephine Hart, P 80.00
The Dictionary of Love. John Stark, P 150.00
Disclosure (Hardbound). Michael Crichton, P 120.00
Divisadero.  Michael Ondaatje, 300.00
Elizabeth. Tom McGregor, P 80.00
Erotic Focus The New Way to Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure. Barbara Debetz, M.D. and Samn Tower, P 50.00
Facts About Germany. Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, P 80.00
Fifty Shades Darker. El James, P350.00
Fifty Shades Freed. El James, P 350.00
501 Writers’ Questions Answered. A Guide to Writing and Getting Published – Nancy Smith, P 90.00
Gaydar. Danton Remoto, P 150.00
Girl with a Pearl Earing. Tracy Chevalier, P 200.00
Great Expectation. Charles Dickens, P 70.00
A Handbook of Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and Strokes. C. Anthony D'Alonzo, M.D.  P 20.00
The Help. Kathryn Stockett. (Hardbound), P 200.00
Hidden History Exploring our Secret Past – Daniel Boorstin, P80.00
Home at the End of the World, A. Michael Cunningham, P 150.00
The Hours: A Novel - Michael Cunningham, P 150.00
A Handbook of Heart Disease, Blood @ and Strokes. C. Anthony D'Alonzo, M.D.  P 20.00
How to Make an American Quilt. Whitney Otto, P 80.00
The Inheritance of Loss. Kiran Desai, P 250.00
In the Skin of a Lion. Michael Ondaatje, 300.00
Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton. P 80.00
Ladlad. J. Neil Garcia & Danton Remoto, P 200.00
Life on the Mississippi. Mark Twain, P 80.00
Like Water for Chocolate. Laura Esquivel, P 175.00
Love and Will – Rollo May (author of The Cry for Myth & Man’s Search for Himself), P60.00
Malinche. Laura Esquivel, P 200.00
A Map of the World. Jane Hamilton, P 120.00
Mini Korean Dictionary. Tuttle Publishing, P 40.00
Moll Flanders – Daniel Defoe, P100.00
Moonstone, The – Wilkie Collins, P70.00
Mash. Richard Hooker, Php 40.00
Merriam Webster’s Reader’s Handbook. Your Complete Guide to Literary Terms, P 250.00
The Mill on the Floss. George Eliot, P 70.00
Mini Korean Dictionary. Tuttle Publishing, P 40.00
Moll Flanders. Daniel Defoe, P 100.00
The Moonstone.  Wilkie Collins, P 70.00
The New Comprehensive American Rhyming Dictionary. Sue Young, P 120.00
Ordinary People. Judith Guest, P 40.00
Othello. William Shakespeare, P 80.00
Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary. Oxford University Press, P 120.00
Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of English Idioms. Helen Warren, P 200.00
The Pelican Brief. John Grisham, P P60.00
A Place at the Table: The Gay Individual in American Society. Bruce Bawer, P60.00
The Portrait of a Lady. Henry James, P120.00
The Power of One. Bryce Courtenay, P80.00
The Prince of Tide. Pat Conroy (Hard Bound), P150.00
The Quality of Life. James Michener, P30.00
The Random House College Thesaurus. Jess Stein & Stuart Berg Flexner, P200.00
Random's House French-English, English-French Dictionary, P150.00
The Reader. Bernhard Schlink, P200.00
The Red and the Black. Stendhal, P 80.00 
The Remains of the Day. Kazuo Ishiguro, P 200.00 
Revolution. Richard Francis. Based on the film written by Robert Dillon, P 40.00 
Richard III. William Shakespeare, P 80.00 
Ricky Martin Livin' La Vida Loca. Letisha Marrero, P 40.00 
Robinhood Prince of Thieves. Simon Green, P 50.00 
Running in the Family. Michael Ondaatje, 300.00
Sea Wolf, The - Jack London, P 60.00
Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen, P 200.00 
Seven. Anthony Bruno, P 60.00 
Sister Carrie. Theodore Dreisser, P 80.00 
Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend. Robert James Waller  P70.00 
Son's and Lovers DH Lawrence, P 80.00 
South of Broad (Hardbound), P 150.00 
Stealing Beauty. Shirley Lowe, P 50.00 
Sting, The. Robert Weverka, P 40.00
The Story of my Life.  Helen Keller P80.00
Tagalog-English Dictionary. Leo James English, P 300.00 
Talented Mr. Ripley, The. Patricia Highsmith, P 100.00
The Third Life of Grange Copeland. Alice Walker, P 70.00
A Thousand  Acres A Novel.  Jane Smiley P 100.00
Tom Jones. Henry Fielding, P 120.00 
Touching the Void: The True Story of One Man's Miraculous Survival - Joe Simpson, P 80.00 
The Turn of the Screw.  Henry James
21st Century Italian-English Dictionary. The Princeton Language Institute, P 150.00 
21st Century Manual of Style. The Princeton Language Institute, P 70.00 
Walk in the Clouds, A – Deborah Chiel, P 60.00 
War and Remebrance. Herman Wouk, P 90.00 
William Shakespeare's Richard III. Ian McKellen, P 150.00
Winds of War. Herman Wouk, P 90.00
Specimen Days. Michael Cunningham, P 150.00 
Toxicology. Jessica Hagedorn, P 200.00
When We Were Orphans. Kazuo Ishiguro, P 250.00
Winesburg Ohio. Sherwood Anderson, P 70.00 
The Wings of the Dove. Henry James, P 100.00 
The Withches of Eastwick. John Updike, P 70.00 

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