Order ounces of top buds online for half price January sales

You can get ounces of buds from the farmers who sell all there ounces for half price,
I got 2 ounces of kush, All buds are potent top shelf buds
they have been running since 2016 till now and have 100s of customers me been one of them.
The stealth is 110 percent top stealth well done on that i say. Also there delivery speed
is super fast 4 days to uk arrived perfectly safe and sound. You can check there site out
here at https://teamweedforbuds2018.yolasite.com/ or contact them direct at [email protected]
All deals are super great and you wont get better buds for the price anywhere else. Will be
ordering again from them as everything went perfect from start to finish.


  • Thank you for this site, I was able to get 2 ounces for 240 from them and it came in the post in 4days delivered by my normal postman direct into my letterbox, The stealth they use is amazing its like an amazon order no smell or leaks or anything 110percent smell proof, The weed is crisp and dry and ready to smoke straight out of the package.
  • My order came from these guys in 3days and the buds are super potent. I would highly recommend them to any smoker who loves there top shelf strains of buds. Thanks for the link bro
  • Id just like to tell everybody here that these guys have sent me my order for one ounce of there strain k-king-kush and its top grade bud. They are fast at delivery only 4days to my address so props to them they are who they say they are and there site has all the prices from 130 per ounce to 190 per ounce. Super dudes,
  • JoshJrJoshJr PExer
    My order came from these vendors, Order came in 3 days to uk pretty fast to be honest. Also there buds are fine crisp and potent to smoke top vendors.
  • I got another order from these guys and everything went perfect again posted into the letter box by the normal mail man. Top products all the time and there prices are from 90-110 per ounce.
  • I have just got a large order from these vendors and it came in record time frame, I got 2 ounces of there blue berry haze and it came without any problems today. The buds are super potent and have a high concentration of THC all buds are top shelf that you would get in any coffee shop in Amsterdam. So anyone who likes there weed contact these vendors. Discreet and safe packaging you do not even have to be home to get your order as its posted directly into your letterbox by your normal postman and you cannot feel anything inside as it is airtight and when opened fully the smell of the buds fills the room without even smoking a joint the weed is that strong.
  • Glad to see so many people have ordered from them, I just got another order in today from them and it will last me a 2 weeks. So thanks to the team for there services and anyone else who likes them pass around there link get others to check them out as well.
  • HouleyHouley Member
    Very cool and helpful, thank you a lot for it! I would also like to recommend that you have a look at this Canadian pharmacy online. I think you can get some great supplements for you from there too at great prices, good luck with it ;)
  • I have got another 2 orders from this team of growers, The weed is very strong 33% thc count so the buds are covered in crystals and get you baked on half a joint. Check them out guys you won't regret it and the orders come fast so happy shopping everyone.

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