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How will my college school affect my chances at entering top medschools?

I made this account solely for this question so all replies are really appreciated. 

Right now, I am studying BS Nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University, top 1 of my batch, and if all goes well, I could graduate as Magna Cum Laude. I haven’t taken the NMAT because I am not yet a graduating student. Still, assuming I did have a high score, will I be accepted in a reputable medical school such as UPCM, PLM, etc.? I am not a manila resident if it matters. I was supposed to take my nursing degree in UST but I didn’t enroll because my family had financial issues at that time and could not afford letting me study there. Quite frankly, it really bothers me that a simple decision could possibly limit my education specially that my problem before no longer exists. I know that I am capable and hardworking but still how much does  prejudice about a medschool applicant’s college school affect his/her application? Again, all replies are appreciated.


  • marblesmarbles Member ✭✭
    Your grades and extracurricular activities during college are more important than your school. 

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