REVIEW: The Kid who would be King [2019]

With everything that's going on around the world, Joe Cornish beckons all of us to re-examine our values
through a modern retelling of King Arthur's tale.

PEx Rating: 6/10
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Middle-schooler Alex is forced to deal with a lot of issues at such a young age. He struggles with being
raised without a father. He lives by the bullying he experiences at school. But everything changes when
he pulls a sword out of stone in an abandoned construction site. And yes, that is indeed the legendary
sword of King Arthur - Excalibur.

The Kid Who Would Be King is a coming of age story tapping chivalrous values and packed as a fantasy
flick. Audience young and old are hooked with the tale of a noble quest, unimaginable display of magic,
and the occasional comedic banter. However, viewers slowly relate with what each of the characters are
going through. And this lets the film subtly throw life lessons that everyone can benefit from whatever
one may be going through in life.

It is rather difficult for a film like The Kid Who Would Be King to compete against a variety of other
movies currently shown in the cinemas. However, it offers an alternative that is quite different in all
aspects to what moviegoers are normally presented with. The movie balances fantasy with real-life
lessons and serves just the right amount of drama, comedy, and action to pull off a flick that’s quite
palatable to watch.

The Kid who would be King, in cinemas January 23, 2019!

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  • Great review! The Kid who would be King seems like a fun movie to watch! Sabi mo nga, there's a mix of everything — drama, comedy, and action! Exciting!

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