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Speak your mind, but mind what you post. Let's not spread disinformation and/or misinformation.


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For your forum related concerns, please  check the updated list of PEx Moderators for 2019. 

PEx Sports 
@Expelliarmus_27 [Sports Zone]
@Jay P. Mercado [PBA]
@rothemarie [UAAP]
@princepaul21 [UAAP]
@hee_witchyoo [UAAP and NBA]
@CaptainCharisma [NBA and Football]
@AriaGM [UAAP]

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Buhay Pinoy

Body and Fitness


LGBT Forum

You can also message @pexer99 for any general forum concerns, questions and reports. If a moderator is not available, send all your inquiries and concerns to  this account. 


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