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Is the Diesel Engine a Vile Inventon?

Vile Invention

"Dark was that day when Diesel conceived his grim engine that begot you, vile invention, more vicious, more criminal than the camera even, metallic monstrosity, bale and bane of our culture, chief woe of our Commonweal. How dare the Law prohibit hashish and heroin yet license your use, who inflate all weak inferior egos? Their addicts only do harm to their own lives: you poison the lungs of the innocent, your din dithers the peaceful, and on choked roads hundreds must daily die by chance-medley. Nimble technicians, surely you should hang your heads in shame. Your wit works mighty wonders, has landed men on the Moon, replaced brains by computers, and can smithy a "smart" bomb. It is a crying scandal that you cannot take the time or be bothered to build us, what sanity knows we need, an odorless and noiseless staid little electric brougham."

W.H. Auden (1907-1973), A Curse:

[The diesel engine is indeed a vile invention coz the emissions cant be controlled even after the developmemt of aftertreatment technologies (egr, scr, dpf, doc, which are on the waste side of the engine). Due to this, vw had resorted to installing a cheating software to let it appear that their cars are emissions-compliant. VW had admitted that they had installed the cheating software to 11M cars worldwide!

Our technology is installed on the pre-combustion side of the engine. We believe that it is illogical to clean emissions at the crap side. So, we opted to install our devices at the input side. We had developed a game changer!

Imagine curing a patient by cleaning his waste. A medical doctor would give the patient nutritious food and clean air to breathe instead. This is why our device/s are successful in cleaning diesel emissions from 8% down to 0.76% in less than a second.

We believe that it would be illogical to phase out the diesel engine after our innovation. Had VW saw our invention, they wouldn't have to cheat. Imagine 11M cars! Mind boggling.]



  • Fact: *Our govt (LTO and EMB) is now using the techno to consider diesel cars to pass the emission test.

    *We have made over 400+ units for local use.

    *Is it my fault that dozens, hundreds, thousands(including car mfrs and forum members), millions or billions of people do not believe this techno and call it horsep**, snake oil, bs, fraud, nut case, etc?

    *I am amazed that NOBODY could comprehend/believe this techn even among automotive mechanics,

    technicians and mech engineers except a few hundred laymen who had seen one of our demos.

    *I have been banned by and all my posts were deleted by and by


     I guess people are just afraid of this new technology.

  • Walang kuwenta ang diesel engine. Maingay at marumi! Electric ang kinabukasan! Malinis at tahimik!
  • Maganda ang ecar pero pagpalgay mong may 10,000 ecars sa Mla, baka hindi kaya ng grid natin and pagcharge ng 10000 ecars, puro brownout tayo. remember, yellow or red alert?

    Malinis na ang diesel engines kung pasado lahat sa smoke emissions test na 1.2% opacity. marami kasi ang nandadaya sa emissions test kaya mausok ang siudad.

    Imo, mas type ko ang hybrid dahil nagseself-charge ito gaya ng toyota prius.
  • we have just uploaded several videos to show how our device/s remove diesel emissions. Most of these videos were taken at the LTO emission testing center on May 25, 2019.
    Please visit our blog. Thank you

  • Diesel engines are now much cleaner than before:  In fact, we can also clean cruise/cargo ship emissions!
  • Yung mga nareflash ba ng ECU or nagmodify ng turbo diesel para tumulin pa nakakapasa pa ba ng emission test aka comission test yun?

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