The 33 unites requirement for T2 Transferees (from other school)

  1. Are my NSTP, PE, Theology, and Elective subjects counted in the 33 units requirement for DECL? 

  1. Most importantly, will my Elective subjects (Philosophical Anthropology, Academic Writing - 6 units) be counted in the 33 units requirement for transferring?
Side note: I’m from another university. I hope I can get in huhu


  • sana...sana... Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Only electives will be counted for the required 33 units. NSTP and PE will not be counted because these are not included in total units per sem in UP, however i think they can be credited. Theology, i'm not very sure if it's counted, perhaps if it is a major part of your curriculum there.

    But during my time, some colleges impose specific units count for certain areas like required number of units in Math and Physical sciences, etc. But generally, the above may apply.

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