UST FMS 2019-2020 Application with 94 NMAT

Hi guys! First time kong mag PEx.

I’m a male Catholic. I graduated last March with a GWA of 92, BS PT Magna Cum Laude from a school in the province and passed the licensure exam last August. Nag NMAT ako nung October and got 94 percentile. May leadership positions din ako like President ng student council and marami rin akong involvements sa community when I was in college.

Hindi grad ng UST ang parents ko and wala rin kaming connections sa school.

Recently got the recommendation letters from my prof and the college dean and I’m planning to request one from a priest in our place. Hinihintay ko nalang mamail sakin yung NMAT results before ako mag apply online.

Just wanted to know if I have a great chance of getting accepted to UST FMS. I really wanna be a Thomasian Doctor. 

Thank you! :)


  • Hi there! This is pretty funny because I was actually using PEx to determine my chances of getting in UST med... and yay i got in! I just started medical school last year (batch 2022) so I guess I'm the "best" person you could ask about this.

    First of all, I got to say that you pretty much have it in the bag! I graduated with a laude myself but with a Biology degree from UST. My NMAT is close to yours too and I'm an active student leader in my college as well. I want you to know that I don't have any relatives that have graduated from UST-- in fact, as far as I know I am the first in my close family to ever get in UST. My parents also aren't doctors and I'm the first (and the craziest) to go down this career path. 

    Since I have been with my blockmates for at least 4 months now, I want to tell you of my observations of the people that get in this faculty. In my class, I would say 80% of us are UST graduates, 20% from other schools (about 15 from UP, 1-2 from Ateneo, 2 from La Salle, and only 1 from FEU). I was really shocked at first because I was expecting more diversity from my blockmates. However, after finding this out I've come to realized that the admissions committee really do consider "university loyalty" as a great bearing. Aside from that, NMAT scores and college standing also has a big contribution. Most of my classmates are laude graduates (probably 60% of the class). Now, I am in no way discouraging you from trying out this university. In fact, I am excited that you considered this med school! If I were asked, I hope they accepted more from different universities as well as those from the provinces. 

    Graduating BS PT with a Magna Cum Laude is pretty impressive. I have classmates who also are PRPTs and they definitely have an edge in anatomy, neuroscience, a little bit of physiology... although they may find difficulty in histology and biochemistry. Other than that, I think you will do great! :smiley:
    The best of wishes! 

    Have you applied yet?
  • mdparasabayanmdparasabayan PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hello!!! Yey first of all, thank you for taking the time in reading my post and for sharing your insight and experience. I really wanted to know my chances and it’s funny I came across PEx hehehe

    Wow! I can sense that UST is your dream/ideal med school and I’m really happy for you that you got in! May I know your NMAT score? Some are saying that mine is enough to get in while others are saying that competition is tougher for me since a lot of applicants have a 99+ score, plus the fact that I’m an outsider with no immediate family member who is an alumnus/alumna.

    I recently submitted my documents and true enough, most of the outsider applicants I came across that day are UP graduates/students. Would you happen to know a batchmate from a school in the province? 

    I actually know some of the PTRPs there because I met them during internship :) 

    Thank you so much for boosting me! I really appreciate it. Still keeping my fingers crossed! I’m hoping to receive good news this Feb/March hehe :)
  • missrosaritomissrosarito PExer
    edited January 12
    I actually took NMAT twice, once when I was still a 3rd year student just to try it out and finally when I was already graduating. My first score was 92 but then I only gained a +1 in my second try because I was juggling thesis, finals, other college demands during the month of October :cry: I never enrolled in a review center simply because I thought they were a waste of money and time and resorted to self-study.
    Like I said, a great majority of my classmates are UST graduates: medtechs, PTs, OTs, Bio, Psych, Nursing... you name it. I only know a few that are non-UST graduates but mostly are either from UPD or UPM, DLSU, ADMU, FEU-NRMF.

    I hope I helped! If I were you, I would have nothing to worry about because you have a good standing judging from where you are. I received the good news last year around February 28 if I'm not mistaken. The feeling is amazing. I'll be happy to know whether you get in or not. Keep me on the loop! :smiley:

  • mdparasabayanmdparasabayan PEx Rookie ⭐
    Thank you so much!!! :) I’ll update you hehe
  • Thank you so much!!! :) I’ll update you hehe
    hi po, i'd like to know po if you passed ust med?
  • mdparasabayanmdparasabayan PEx Rookie ⭐
    loladaisy said:
    Thank you so much!!! :) I’ll update you hehe
    hi po, i'd like to know po if you passed ust med?
    Hello! Yes, I qualified! :) Did you apply as well?
  • mdparasabayanmdparasabayan PEx Rookie ⭐
    Hi @missrosarito! I want to thank you for going out of your way to reply in this discussion of mine last January. Your words made me feel more at ease and a bit more confident with myself in this quest. To update you, I qualified in the biggest, the brightest, and the best medical school in the country!!! Really hyped to start my journey :) 
  • AndyDuAndyDu Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    @mdparasabayan I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sorry for being preoccupied with my exams. See you around! Oh and I recommend reading on online blogs about being a freshman in UST! Especially Fred Evidor’s blog. It really helped a lot... I wonder what section you’d be in! 
    Drop me a message here for anymore questions 😊
  • AndyDuAndyDu Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    By the way this is miss rosarito HAHA i forgot my password there. So i logged in here instead hehe

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