HELP! Chest Keloid Problem

jdagbmjdagbm PExer
edited November 2018 in Health and Wellness
Hi, I just got here and I would like to seek help regarding my skin problem. 

I've had chest keloids since ninth grade (due to acne) and it really affected my confidence and self-esteem up to this day. Currently, I am seeing a dermatologist, and so far, my keloids and pimples are in healing process. However, my problem is that the scars are still in place. And worse, we are going to have our graduation/class pictorial really soon and I have no idea how to cover these scars of mine for a day. I am really afraid that the wardrobe is going to have dresses that would show my chest. I have searched for solutions on the internet and I think I would like to try latex for a prosthetic skin to cover my keloid bumps.

Do you think it will work? I would really appreciate your help and other recommendations. Thank you very much! :)

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