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I have a nephew. This is a wonderful boy of 13 years old. Now he is experiencing a difficult period of puberty. He recently addressed me with a rather intimate question. He said that his boobs has become bigger and probably he will have to wear a bra. This scares him, but I don't know what the reason may be. I know that girls at that age begin to grow breasts, but the boy?


  • This is a period of change in the body of a teenager, so probably everything is in order.
  • AbrianAbrian Member
    You need to go with your nephew to the doctor.I don't know much about this topic. In adolescence, my breasts began to grow, but then that changed. I think my mother took me to the doctor, I don't remember exactly. I drank hormonal pills and it helped me. I know that there are portals about this problem. For example, here gynecomastiapro.com . There is a lot of information about treatment, surgery, the causes of this disease and prevention. I hope he is fine. Recently, I have been looking a lot on the Internet for information about this. A lot of men suffer from gynecomastia.
  • EmilyAngaEmilyAnga Member
    I think that it's just teenage period.
  • KallyFowlerKallyFowler Member
    I think that it's possible to get a doctor's consultation. I used to follow https://www.kingsbergmedical.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-testosterone-injections/ consultation and try to attend the doctor at least several times a year.
  • I believe this is a puberty period. However, doctors know better, so you can visit the doctor with him to support him and to reassure him everything is ok.

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