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Pres Duterte says he'll 'finish drugs' two years after '3 to 6 months' promise

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Duterte says he'll 'finish drugs' two years after '3 to 6 months' promise                          

MANILA, Philippines —  Over two years since promising to end drugs "within 3 to 6 months," President Rodrigo Duterte continues to promise to end the alleged drug scourge in the Philippines.

"I will finish drugs," Duterte said in Filipino during his arrival speech in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Friday for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum after coming from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Singapore.

It's a promise Duterte has been making since 2016  where he first said he'd end drugs and criminality in 3 to 6 months.

“If I fail in three months, I better leave the country or I will step down and give the presidency to Bongbong,” Duterte said in February 2016 during the national elections campaign period more than two years ago.

“They say my timeline is ambitious, you know if I am already president, in the third month I am sitting there as president and I fail because nobody believes me, I really cannot do it even if you give me 10 years of rule,” he said then.

Duterte spoke at the Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea (FAPNG) Clubhouse. The Presidential Communications and Operations Office (PCOO) stated that at least 40,000 Filipinos work and live in the country.

According to the Philippine National Police, there have been more than 22,000 killings in the country since the Duterte administration launched the war on drugs in 2016.   

He - once again - took a shot at his critics who say he only targets the poor.

"Hey, idiots, shabu is a commodity for the poor," Duterte said. He added that the drug of choice of the rich is limited to cocaine and marijuana, which he called "organic" and heroin, which he said was, "not as bad." 

"They get high, but they wouldn't have to kill to get their next fix," Duterte added.

Duterte is scheduled to return home on Saturday after attending the two summits. 

Cases have been brought before the International Criminal Court against Duterte for his bloody war on drugs.

Human rights organizations, both international and in the Philippines, have also repeatedly criticized Duterte for alleged human rights violations believed to be a direct result of the war on drugs.

The cases of Kian delos Santos and Carl Angelo Arnaiz, teenagers who have been killed by police for alleged involvment in drugs, are among the high-profile cases that have been hounding Duterte's war on drugs.



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    Why do they say things like that? What historical records show that there is a chance of having CPP-NPA subdued from now till 2019? How many encounters have they had in the past that was able to make a dent on the rebels capabilities to do harm?
    Rebels can also claim that the support of the people is very overwhelming for their side, too.
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    Duterte to Parojinog family: I will finish off all of you

    OZAMIZ CITY - President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday issued a warning to the relatives of slain drug suspect and former Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog.

    "Kanang pamilyaha na Parojinog, undang na mo'g panghadlok. I will wipe you from the face of the earth. Ingnan ta mo. Tilukon ta gyud mo diri," he said in a speech during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ozamiz Airport Modernization Project.

    (That Parojinog family, stop threatening people. I will wipe you from the face of the earth. I am telling you. I will finish off all of you.)

    The President made the remark after Misamis Occidental 2nd District Rep. Henry Oaminal told Duterte that witnesses against the Parojinog clan allegedly received threats.

    “The war on drugs in our place is not yet over. There are still remnants in the drug organization who are still at large. Even those in jail remain dangerous as they can still afford to put up prices on the heads of those who put with you. They remain arrogant and confident to threaten witnesses,” Oaminal said in a speech at the same event.

    Duterte also warned police officers who might be in cahoots with the Parojinog family.

    "Hasta nang mga pulis. P***** i**, bantay mo. Ipatawag 'ta lang mo sa Manila. Pag-abot sa airport, diha pa sa airport, ipa-ihaw 'ta na ka," he said.

    (Also the police. I am warning you. I will summon you to Manila. At the airport, I will kill you.)

    Duterte has also ordered the return of controversial police officer Supt. Jovie Espenido to Ozamiz City.

    Espenido led the series of anti-drug raids in July 2017 that left Aldong and 14 others killed. 

    Aldong's children, Nova Princess and Reynaldo Jr., were also arrested. Both are facing charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives.  

    His younger brother Ricardo, also known as Ardot, was arrested in Taiwan in May 2018 after months of hiding
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    Malacañang: Hindi iniutos ng pangulo ang pag-ubos sa pamilya Parojinog

    Nilinaw ng Malacañang na tanging pag-aresto, pag- prosecute at hindi agarang pagpatay ang utos ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte kay Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido sa pamilya ni Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog.

    Taliwas ito sa utos kagabi ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte kay Espenido na ubusin at burahin sa mundo ang pamilya Parojinog.

    Ayon kay Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo,  lumala na naman kaso ang sitwasyon ng ilegal na droga sa Ozamiz City kung kaya nagpasya ang pangulo na ibalik sa lugar si Espenido.

    Pero ayon kay Panelo, sakaling manlaban ang pamilya Parojinog, walang magagawa ang mga otoridad kundi ang ipagtanggol ang sarili.

    Sa pagharap ng pangulo sa mga residente sa lungsod ay kanilang sinabi na gusto nilang ibalik sa Ozamis City bilang hepe ng pulisya ng ang nasabing opisyal.

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    Fired over drugs? PNP says Bacolod ex-police chief not in drug list

    President Rodrigo Duterte earlier ordered the sacking of Senior Superintendent Francisco Ebreo after claiming he was involved in the drug trade

    MANILA, Philippines – Senior Superintendent Francisco Ebreo, the Bacolod City police chief who was fired after President Rodrigo Duterte accused him of involvement in illegal drugs, is neither in the police's drug watchlist nor in the President's.

    This was announced by Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde in a Camp Crame press briefing on Monday, January 14.

    "Is he or they in the watchlist of the PNP?" a reporter asked. The President had accused Ebreo of "enabling" the proliferation of the drug trade in the city.

    "As far as I am concerned, wala (he is not there)," Albayalde said.

    The reporter then asked whether Ebreo was in the President's own watchlist, which is prepared by his office with the help of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the PNP.

    "Wala rin (He's not there too)," Albayalde said.

    Three seconds passed before Albayalde made a U-turn, saying, "Probably, yes."

    Asked how the President was able to get information on Ebreo without the police knowing, Albayalde said Duterte has his own sources that they cannot question.

    Usually, the PNP uses its young "internal cleansing" unit, the Counterintelligence Task Force, to monitor suspicious cops before any action is taken against them. In a recent case, Duterte publicized a drug matrix implicating active policemen before the PNP sacked them.

    The PNP also sacks underperforming cops in their so-called drug war, using the amount of illegal drugs seized and suspects arrested as criteria. (READ: PNP sacking spree: 13 Ilocos police chiefs fired for underperforming)

    In Ebreo's case, Duterte just verbally linked him to illegal drugs. The President's statement, Albayalde said, was enough to sack the Bacolod City police chief.

    But the top cop downplayed Ebreo's removal, saying that the ex-police chief and his men will be investigated thoroughly and fairly as they report to their regional holding unit.

    "The relief order came in [on] the same day. That is his (Duterte's) decision, so we cannot probably question his directive," Albayalde said.

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    Record of cops fired by Duterte clean, says PDEA

    BACOLOD CITY — This city’s police chief and four other police officials, who were fired by President Rodrigo Duterte due to their alleged links to illegal drugs, have no derogatory records with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Western Visayas region.

    David Garcia, spokesperson for the regional office of the PDEA, also said Bacolod City Councilor Ricardo “Cano” Tan was not included in the watch list of the antidrug agency.

    But Garcia said the PDEA would conduct an investigation of the policemen and the councilor since the President announced their alleged involvement in the drug trade.

    Meeting with President

    The President, during the birthday party of Leo Rey Yanson, chief executive officer of Vallacar Transit, in this city on Saturday, said he was firing Senior Supt. Francisco Ebreo, Bacolod police chief, and four others for allowing the proliferation of drugs in the capital city of Negros Occidental province.

    The four other officials were Senior Supt. Allan Rubi Macapagal, Supt. Richie Makilan Yatar, Supt. Nasruddin Daud Tayuan and Senior Insp. Victor Paulino.

    The President also linked Tan, Bacolod’s top councilor, to the drug trade.

    Ebreo was called to Malacañang on Monday afternoon for a meeting with the President while the four police officers were sent to the Regional Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit at the Western Visayas police headquarters in Iloilo City.

    The pronouncement of the President surprised guests at the party, including Chief Supt. John Bulalacao, Western Visayas police director.


    “In fact, he (Ebreo) has been delivering substantial accomplishments [in the fight against illegal drugs],” Bulalacao said.

    “But I have to investigate and follow the instructions of the President because he must have a basis for announcing these names,” he added.

    Garcia said: “We have no records against them … negative. However, the PDEA’s records are not conclusive,” Garcia said.

    “If the six are not in our records, it means that the President relied on other intelligence sources. The government has a lot of other intelligence units,” Garcia added.

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    Duterte blames failure to stop drug war in six months on gov’t men

    President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday blamed his failure to fulfill his promise to stop the drug trade in his first six months in office to his own government's functionaries.

    In a speech before barangay officials in Legazpi City, Duterte said it was former PNP chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa who had nudged him to the rude awakening.

    "Noong na-presidente ako, sabi ni Bato, ito 'yung totoo. Paano ako maka-solve ng six months, ang kalaban ko Bureau of Customs, police generals. Lahat nandiyan sa NAIA. Ang kalaban ko gobyerno ko mismo," Duterte said.

    "So anong magawa ko? Sila 'yung unang pumapatay tapos sabihin nila i-charge nila sa gobyerno. Kasi pinapatay na nila because all the time lahat nagkakantahan na," he added.

    Thousands of killings, mostly those from poor communities, have been blamed on Duterte's war on drugs.

    "Sabi ko, kung ganun, o 'di sige. Gusto niyo patayan? Gusto ko 'yan. Pagbigyan ko kayo. Sino pang gusto mamatay? Sige. Talagang papatayin kita. Sabihin mo na ano. Ang hindi ko lang kaya patayin, babae pati bata," Duterte said.

    Duterte had repeatedly linked active and retired police officials to the drug trade.

    As regards the Customs bureau, at least P6.4-billion worth of shabu in magnetic lifters slipped past Customs watchmen in 2018. 

    Among those who have been included in the complaints in connection with the drug shipment is former Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña, whom Duterte appointed to lead the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
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    Fishermen recovered a box full of suspected cocaine from the waters off the coast of Vinzons town in Camarines Norte province Sunday, police said.

    Alfredo Vega, Sr., 61, and his son Alfredo Jr., both of Barangay Sula, were fishing at 11:55 a.m. when they found the box floating near Quinamnucan Island, also in the same village.

    The Vegas turned over their find to Sula Barangay Chairman Rose Marie Abogado who then turned over the box to the police.

    As of Sunday night, police said they had not determined the weight and street value of the suspected illegal drugs

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    Droga sa dagat: P5-M na cocaine nakuha sa dagat ng CamNorte

    Posted at Feb 11 2019 08:38 AM

    Nakuha ng mag-amang mangingisda ang nasa P5 milyong halaga ng cocaine na kanilang nakitang palutang-lutang sa dagat na sakop ng Vinzons, Camarines Norte, sinabi ng pulisya Lunes. 

    Nakalagay anila ang droga sa isang kahon nang makita ng mag-ama. Naghinala sila kaya agad itong ibinigay sa mga barangay official at pulisya nang makabalik sa pampang.

    Nakumpirma sa laboratory test na cocaine ang nasa 1 kilo na laman ng kahon, ayon sa pulisya. 
    Iniimbestigahan pa ang pinanggalingan ng droga.

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    Duterte handang magpabitay para matuldukan ang iligal na droga

    Handang magpabitay si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigti kaugnay sa kanyang pinaigting na kampanya kontra iligal na droga.

    Sa harap na rin ito ng paulit-ulit na banta ng Pangulo na papatayin niya ang mga sindikatong sumisira sa buhay ng mga Pilipino dahil sa iligal na droga.

    Siinabi ng Pangulo na handa niyang akuin ang responsibilidad sa mga napapapatay na Pilipinong sangkot sa iligal na droga.

    “They can hang me if they want to. No problem. I like hanging, its kind of nice to feel your throat being.. I saw it in the movies, some are I don’t know if crying, but some are laughing,” anang Pangulo.

    Sinabi ng Presidente na handa ang kanyang mga sundalo kung gustong subukan ng mga sindikato na pumasok sa bansa.

    Binigyang-diin ni Pangulong Duterte na matagal ng problema ang iligal na droga sa bansa subalit walang ginawa ang mga nakalipas na administrasyon para matigil ito.

    Pero sa pagkakataong ito aniya ay hindi niya hahayaang lumala ang problema kaya’t tatapusin niya ito habang may panahon sa kanyang termino.

    “Pumapasok sila lahat. Kung gusto nilang subukan, we are prepared. My soldiers and my police, are ready to meet the challenge. At sinabi ko sa kanila tapusin na natin ito habang ako pa,” dagdag ng Pangulo.

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    Duterte claims he has delivered on all his promises but one

    MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte claimed to have delivered on all his campaign promises except easing the traffic congestion in EDSA, a problem that he blamed on Congress' refusal to grant him "extraordinary" powers. 

    Duterte said that unlike former President Fidel Ramos, who was given special authority to solve the country's electricity woes, he was not granted extraordinary powers by lawmakers to solve Edsa's traffic problem. 

    "Wala akong pangako na hindi ko natupad except 'yang EDSA (I did not make promises I did not keep except solving the traffic woes in EDSA)," Duterte said during a campaign sortie of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan in Laguna last Saturday. 

    Duterte lamented that the proposal to grant him emergency powers was met with suspicion by critics who believe it would be prone to corruption. 

    "I did not say there will be no bidding. I said I would need money to repair or rehabilitate or do away with the present situation. Others said, 'Let us give Duterte the power, extraordinary power.' You did not hear that from my mouth, not even once," the president said. 

    "What did I hear from Congress? They were not in favor of it. 'It cannot be done, you know, graft and corruption will be committed,' When I heard that, I said 'No, take it away from the table. I do not want it.' If you talk about corruption, son of a b****, I would leave that to you," he added. 

    The Transportation department has asked Congress to grant the Duterte administration three-year emergency power to address the traffic problem. It has also submitted to Congress a list of road rail, and air projects intended to ease traffic congestion. A proposed Traffic and Congestion Crisis Act was also filed to enable the government to undertake projects through direct contracting, repeat order and direct negotiation and to fast-track the procurement process.

    Last September, Duterte said he would just leave the EDSA traffic congestion as it is because Congress refused to give him emergency powers. 

    Other vows accomplished?

    While Duterte admitted he could not do anything to end the traffic woes, he claimed that his other promises have been fulfilled. He said he has fired several officials tagged in corruption and has intensified the war on illegal drugs to make the country's streets safe.  

    But there have been instances when the president expressed frustration over the corruption and drug problems plaguing the country. 

    In 2016, Duterte vowed to end the drug menace within the first six months of his term but later on admitted he could not do so because of the involvement of several officials in the narcotics trade. Last October, Duterte revealed he had offered to resign during a military command conference because he could not run after all corrupt officials. 

    Duterte noted that measures on free tuition and universal health care have been signed into law. He also cited the pay hike of soldiers and policemen and the continuation of the conditional cash transfer program, an initiative that he said was funded by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law. 

    "Ano pa naman gusto (What more do you want)?" the president said. 

    Duterte has also promised a shift to federalism but Congress has yet to pass a bill amending the Constitution and changing the form of government.

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    Duterte admits drug situation in the country has ‘worsened’

    The country might end up like a Mexico controlled by drug cartels if the government will not finish off the drug traffickers and their cohorts, President Duterte declared last Sunday.

    The President admitted the country’s drug situation has “worsened,” while the police may already be “at the brink of surrendering” following the recent shipments of illegal drugs being smuggled in the country.

    “You can see the headlines — every day billions worth of drugs are entering the country. Look at the main screen and the crawler, the running news at the bottom. It’s always about drugs, drugs, and drugs,” he said during his visit to Cagayan de Oro City last Sunday.

    “In the end, we will be like Mexico. We will be controlled by drug cartels. The Sinaloa has already entered the country and that is why drugs are being thrown in the Pacific. The same is happening in the West,” he added.

    Duterte noted that the drug shipment worth P1 billion recently seized by authorities was probably just a diversion by the traffickers. He said there might be probably other drug shipments being smuggled into the country amid its porous borders.

    “Things have worsened. My policemen are at the brink of surrendering. Everyday — don’t believe that it’s one billion. The next day there will be another 1. 3 billion. That’s just an excuse. That’s a bait,” he said.

    “Actually there are other billions coming in. The Philippines is contiguous, island for island. There are seven thousand islands. Just choose where you want to land,” he said.

    The President has renewed his resolve to combat the illegal drug trade, saying he will not allow the drug traffickers to destroy the nation. “If you destroy my country, I will kill you. You can be sure of that,” he warned.

    He maintained that the war on drugs would continue despite criticisms about alleged abuses from some groups. “When I became President, I said I don’t give a ***** about human rights,” he said.

    The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) recently seized P1.8-billion worth of shabu at the Manila port. The illegal drugs wrapped inside tea packages reportedly came from Vietnam.

    Authorities earlier raided a shabu laboratory in Alabang, Muntinlupa and seized 148 kilograms of shabu worth P1.1 billion.

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    PNP says, the FLOATING Drugs at the Eastern Seaboard of the Philippines is a DeCOY.

    they are correct. it is a Chinese DeCOY to DIVERT our ATTENTION from the Western Seaboard .... aka .... SPARTLYS Island and PANATAG SHOAL.

    the PNP and AFP are doing their best to please their DIRTY PRESIDENT's Drug War.
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