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Discrimination is present everywhere, and has been quite a controversial topic for centuries. It has spawned from the past and still continues on until today, which causes a slow moving halt in the political movement-- like the gender equality claims. Discrimination, according to the dictionary definition, it is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. What exactly is the cause of this? The psychological characteristics of people shape the persona of a person. With every like, there is a dislike which cannot be avoided. Even you, dear reader-- must have at least a preference of one thing over another and that is inevitable for it is what makes us humans. But why do we hate? We have because of certain factors: our own personal interests, influences, and our primal fear of risks. So in this blog post, I shall walk you thoroughly of the examples of racism that you could potentially encounter daily.If we equip this world with this knowledge and experience, we could help carve a better future filled with kindness and understanding.

Another kind of discrimination is how women should look in the society. Up until today, Women are still being discriminated by the society because of how they look. Whenever they dress up very short, they are being called "sluts", a normal stereotype in the society that we should all be taking it seriously. Singer-Songwriter Ariana Grande, is a feminist and she is very active in tackling about women being free to express themselves by dressing up whatever they want. She once said, "Expressing sexuality in art isn't an invitation for disrespect. Just like wearing a short skirt is not asking for assault." She stated that whatever clothes they wear, whatever music they play, and whatever personality they have, it's every woman's choice and no society can dictate that. No girl should not be slut-shamed simply because of expressing themselves, rather, they should be celebrated simply because she is a WOMAN.

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