First Impressions for Your Text

Capture first impressions, spontaneous images or scraps of memory while they are still fresh. This will not only prevent the dreaded writer's block.You can read this tip in some job application guide: Do not disappear after a job interview in the next subway or make your own home on the socks. Allow yourself a few minutes before that and capture the memories and impressions from the conversation in general terms.

Now you are still clearly aware of individual scenes. Scenes from which you may learn for the next time. Also impressions that help you to get a better picture of your potential employer. Later you will lose these details.

Capture impressions and memories

It is the same with writing, no matter whether you are similar to field work and interviewing, or perched; and researching the books for a night. Pick up the pen, grab the keyboard or use a recording device. The technology is not that important. The main thing is you stick to everything from the first impressions, spontaneous images or scraps of memory, as long as they are still present to you fresh.

You could ask yourself such questions as:

·        What did I notice about details?

·        What did I find impressive or remarkable?

·        Which scenes have stayed in my memory?

·        What ideas have come to me when reading or writing?

·        Which questions do I want to answer or answer?

Do not worry about a logical sequence or nice phrasing. After all, you do not write a finished text, you only collect fragments for it.

Maybe a character study starts to take shape in your head. You may have noticed colorful details that give your text more atmosphere. Maybe you have some ideas, which framework you want to give to your text.

Whatever comes up in your mind's eye: your perceptions or reactions to what you read are precious raw materials for your text.

Give the text color and life

This is not just a practical way to prevent the dreaded writer's block. In view of the countless, wildly thrown fragments, at least one thing cannot scare you: an empty sheet that wants to be filled. Youhave to write more colorful and lively what is really important for writer especially when he works at essay writing help service, write a great number of stories or have his own blog. The main attraction is that your texts are so much more colorful and lively.

A funny remark from the interview partner, about which you had to laugh heartily, can also make your readers laugh. A colored comparison that pops your head without being asked can also help your readers to see the scene better. An anecdote can become a hanger for your text. Facts and information can give him extra weight.You would lose all that if you started to write at some distance from what you have seen or read.

Her brain would only remember grays instead of colorful highlights. It would level out the sharp details and just give you an overall impression. You still have the forest in mind, but the magic of a flashed and blackened, moss-coated, moist, shimmering branch you can only offer your readers with conscious effort.

Inspire your creativity

Yes, even if you should stop using your fragments in the later text, you still benefit from them: in the spirit of "returning to the scene" in your mind, more memories will emerge and your creativity will take the lead.

So maybe you do not write about the flash-felled branch. Instead, let a thunderstorm terrify your hero. Depending on where your associations lead you

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