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PNP SOP in war on drugs - ***** teen girls/women/daughters of those arrested

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PO1 Valencia was charged with raping a 15 year old girl, a daughter of the drug suspects arrested by the cops. he took the 15 year old daughter of the suspects to a motel and raped her in exchange for clearing the charges against the arrested drug suspects.

that is bad enough. equally bad is what Valencia said. he said it is SOP for the PNP cops to ***** those they arrest in the war against drugs, the suspects themselves or in this case the teen daughter of the suspects.  

***** is SOP.

and how many has the PNP cops raped? 


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    Mga Tan-GA! Bwahahhaha. Ang ibig niyang sabihin "Normal lang na akusahan sila ng ganuon kapag may nahuhuli". Kung ginawa man ni Valancia yun eh siya lang yun. 
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Standard Operating Procedure ang PAG-***** ng PNP sa Suspect at Kapamilya nila.

  • foxhound_23foxhound_23 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    si gag0 nahuli nilalaglag na yung mga kasama nyang corrupt at bulok din 
     hinayupak na mga p01 to matatapang lang sa mga nakatira sa mahihirap na lugar pero kapag mayayaman na kaharap nanginginig na at di na makaporma sabagay mga tuta at utusan lang din naman sila ng mga mayayaman na yan hehe

    buti nga sayo gag0! dapat higpitan sa sa pagtanggap sa mga bagong pylis kung sino sino lang kasi nakakapasok dyan pati yung exam nila kahit grade yata kayang ipasa hindi nasasala yung mga aplikante at estudyante
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    napakatanga talaga nitong si sargo

    sino sino ba ang tauhan nito sa pex 
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    Manila cop rapes teener after promising freedom for her detained parents

    'Nagpahiwatig na papakawalan ang mga guardians niya. According sa nanay, talagang interesado sa bata,' says Metro Manila top cop Guillermo Eleazar

    Rambo Talabong 
    Published 7:12 PM, October 29, 2018 
    Updated 7:12 PM, October 29, 2018 

    MANILAS FINEST Manila Police District catches one of its own allegedly committing ***** to a minor Photo by Rambo TalabongRappler

    MANILA'S FINEST? Manila Police District catches one of its own allegedly committing ***** to a minor. Photo by Rambo Talabong/Rappler 

    MANILA, Philippines – A Manila cop was arrested for allegedly raping the 15-year-old daughter of detained drug suspects.

    According to Metro Manila top cop Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, Manila Police District (MPD) cop Police Officer I Eduardo Valencia brought the minor to a Sta Mesa motel after her parents were arrested in the service of a search warrant in their home.

    "Nagpahiwatig na papakawalan ang mga guardians niya. According sa nanay, talagang interesado sa bata," Eleazar told Rappler in a phone interview on Monday, October 29.

    (He told her that he would release her parents. According to the mother, he was really interested in the child.) 

    This is why cops will not file kidnapping charges, but only ***** cases against newbie cop Valencia. The girl supposedly did not struggle when brought to the motel. (READ: To prevent *****, understand consent)

    What arrest? The girl's parents were arrested on October 25 for alleged possession of illegal drugs.

    The couple was brought for detention at the MPD Police Station 4 (Sampaloc), and their daughter accompanied them.

    Once the booking procedures were done, Eleazar said Valencia was tasked to bring the girl back home.

    "Doon na siya dinala sa motel (That was when he was brought to the motel)," Eleazar said.

    According to the spot report, the ***** happened the morning of October 26. As soon as the minor was brought home, for real this time, she told her relatives about her assault.

    The search and prosecution: As soon as the information reached the mother, she squealed, triggering a manhunt for Valencia.

    Cops caught their colleague on Saturday, October 27. He was just inside his home in Pasig City.

    Eleazar said Valencia denied the allegations, but he said medical tests have shown lacerations in the girl's private parts—an indication of forced sexual intercourse.

    Eleazar said on Monday that the case of Valencia is the first of its kind, contrary to the newbie cop's reported claim that it is already "normal" in the police force.

  • sargosargo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Drug war to deter *****? 16 cops in 8 cases — study

    All in all there are 13 recorded cases of abuse against women by cops since the start of the anti-illegal drugs campaign, says the Center for Women's Resources

    Rambo Talabong 
    Published 12:57 PM, July 11, 2018 
    Updated 12:58 PM, July 11, 2018 

    SERVE AND PROTECT Cops get involved in ***** cases despite a thrust against sexual crimes Police photo by Darren LangitRappler Shutterstock photos

    SERVE AND PROTECT. Cops get involved in ***** cases despite a thrust against sexual crimes. Police photo by Darren Langit/Rappler; Shutterstock photos 

    MANILA, Philippines – While statistics provided by the Philippine National Police show a decline in the incidences of *****, the research and training institution Center for Women's Resources (CWR) found out that a number of cops themselves are the perpetrators of this crime. 

    The CWR said some 16 policemen have been involved in 8 ***** cases since 2017 or since the start of the PNP's  anti-illegal drugs campaign.

    In its release to the media Tuesday evening, July 10, the CWR said it was "contemptible" that police cite "the prevalence of ***** as an alibi" to push its anti-illegal drugs war and yet members of PNP themselves are "raping women." 

    The CWR said that it has counted a total of 13 abuse cases against women by cops tallied from January 2017 up to July 2018. These are: 

    • 8 cases of ***** with 16 cops involved
    • 3 cases of act of lasciviousness with 12 cops involved
    • 1 case of harassment with 1 cop involved
    • 1 case of physical assault with 4 cops involved

    “The high number of state-perpetrated violence against women is very alarming. It only reflects how abusive the authorities have become under a regime that sends signal of impunity to its armed forces and blatantly disregards women’s human rights,” said CWR executive director Jojo Guan.

    The CWR noted that more than half (7 of 13) of the cases are linked to the government's anti-illegal drug campaign—either committed during an anti-drug operation or the victim was a female drug suspect. 

    “It is contemptible that the Philippine National Police (PNP) has cited the prevalence of ***** as an alibi to continue the war on drugs, only to find out that police officers themselves are raping women and contribute to the rising number of ***** cases in the country," Guan added.

    The numbers are a slap in the face of the PNP as it has been brandishing its campaign against illegal drugs as a solution to rising number of ***** cases. In 2017, in fact, ***** cases dropped by around 12.4%, following a trend of decrease of the sexual crime since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.

    To move forward, it turns out, the PNP should also now start looking for suspects from within its force– Rappler.com

  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    "Mga Tan-GA! Bwahahhaha. Ang ibig niyang sabihin "Normal lang na akusahan sila ng ganuon kapag may nahuhuli". Kung ginawa man ni Valancia yun eh siya lang yun. "

    HAHAHA. natawa naman ako. 
    yung ***** pa ang may lakas loob magtawag ng ibang tao ng *****.

  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    kung yun punishment nga sa Police Academy ay Oral Sex.


  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    edited October 2018

    Duterte on drug suspects shot by police: If they die, I do not care

    President Rodrigo Duterte is not taking back his standing order for the police to act decisively in dealing with drug suspects in his bloody drug war.

    “My orders to the police and the soldiers, shoot them. If they resist violently, shoot them. If they die, I do not care,” said Duterte in a speech.

    “You can complain but let’s have order in this country because you are causing disorder,” he added.

  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Philippine policeman accused of raping drug suspect’s 15-year-old daughter

    Accusations that a Philippine policeman raped a drug suspect’s teenage daughter have reignited the controversy surrounding President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal crackdown, prompting critics to again condemn a “culture of impunity”.

    The debate has been heightened by viral video showing a discussion between the officer and Metropolitan Manila’s police chief, in which the accused officer appears to say policemen committing ***** is “nothing new” in drug cases, although his meaning has since been disputed.

    The mother of a 15-year-old girl said she and her spouse were arrested on Friday for pushing drugs but officers insisted on bringing her daughter to the police station. The mother said one policeman – identified locally as Eduardo Valencia – told their daughter that charges against the couple would be dropped if she agreed to “be used”.

    The girl later told her mother that Valencia and two other men offered to take her home but instead forced her to drink beer and took her to a motel, where she was raped. The girl’s relatives filed a police complaint that reached Guillermo Eleazar, who leads the National Capital Region Police Office. Valencia was arrested on Saturday.

    Video footage has since emerged showing Eleazar angrily confronting Valencia in the presence of the girl’s mother, who cries out: “What has my daughter done to him? Why is he like that? You have children – why do you have to do that to the child? You ruined my daughter’s future.”

    The video shows Valencia responding ambiguously: “Sir, I have family. Sir, that ... is nothing new among us, operatives, whenever we catch a drug pusher, sir.”

    Eleazar berates the officer, saying a medical examination showed evidence consistent with *****.

    Many have interpreted Valencia’s comments to be an admission that ***** is commonplace among police dealing with drug cases. However, Eleazar on Monday sought to clarify Valencia’s words. Eleazar told GMA News Network that Valencia had not said ***** was standard operating procedure but was saying drug suspects often accused the police of *****. Even so, Eleazar said he did not believe Valencia, who has made no further statement.

    Jose Luis Gascon, the chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, said he would be “investigating or monitoring any credible reports of police abuse”.

    “We ask the police hierarchy to investigate this matter fully and file all appropriate charges against the perpetrator,” he said.

    The women’s rights group Gabriela expressed outrage and said: “President Duterte’s misogyny and perverted exhortations have nurtured the culture of ***** and impunity that now gnaws on what is left of the police’s credibility.”

    Duterte has previously referred to instances of ***** carried out by addicts to justify his war on drugs. In a 2016 speech, he said “when shabu [crystal meth] came in, the most heinous crime, the heinous crime of all crimes, drug addicts raped a one-year-old kid, raped the mother, the grandmother and killed the father”.

    Gabriela said there have been eight cases of *****, three cases of acts of lasciviousness and one case of sexual harassment committed by 12 policemen against women in the course of Duterte’s drug war between January 2017 and July 2018.

    “Now as it unveils itself, rapists are among those men in uniform,” Gabriela said. “If drugs cause ***** and members of the Philippine National Police are raping suspects and children, what does this tell us now?”

  • Level up na mga lispo. Cocaine na gamit

  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sabi sa inyo hindi mawawala ang DROGA sa Pinas dahil pinatatakbo ito ng mga LEsPU at TraPO.
  • buddywbuddyw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    PNP kumbisido, ***** sa 15-anyos totoong nangyari

    Hindi pinagtakpan ni Philippine National Police (PNP) ang ginawa ng isang kabilang sa kanilang hanay na diumano’y nanggahasa ng isang 15-anyos na dalaga.

    Sa panayam kay PNP spokesperson Police Senior Supt. Benigno Durana sa ‘The Headstart’ ng ANC, sinabi nito na naniniwala umano sila sa salaysay ng dalaga, sa kabila ng mariing pagtatangi ni Police Officer 1 Eduardo Valencia na kanyang ginawa ang sinabing kahalayan.

    ‘Alibi’ lang umano ni Valencia ang sinabing hindi na umano bago ang mga ganitong alegasyon sa mga pulis.

    “Fifteen years old you know will not embarrass herself before the public. So, we are inclined to believe that that incident really happened,” pakli ni Durana.

    Ngunit kahit ganito ang paniniwala ng PNP, dadaan pa rin sa tamang proseso si Valencia katumbas din ng due process para sa biktima.

    Matatandaan na nangyari umano ang panggagahasa sa isang hotel sa Sta. Mesa bilang kapalit ng kalayaan ng magulang ng babae na nahuli dahil sa iligal na droga.

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