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PDEA: Missing shabu in Cavite worth P11-B, not 6.8-B

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PDEA: Missing shabu in Cavite worth P11-B, not 6.8-B

(philstar.com) - October 25, 2018 - 12:58pm

In a press briefing, PDEA chief Director General Aaron Aquino said the illegal drugs are now estimated to weigh 1.618 tons, up from the initial estimates of one ton worth P6.8 billion.

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency on Thursday said the four magnetic lifters found in Cavite last August could have contained P11 billion worth of missing shabu (methamphetamine).

In a press briefing, PDEA chief Director General Aaron Aquino said the illegal drugs are now estimated to weigh 1.618 tons, higher than the initial estimates of one ton worth P6.8 billion.

Aquino said they conducted a weighing test on the magnetic lifters with the Department of Public Works and Highways and compared their weight with the one specified on bill of lading.

He said there was a discrepancy of 1.6 tons between the earlier figure and the re-recorded weight.

“So ‘yung aking estimate dun sa una na 6.8 billion, maliit pa pala ‘yun kung ibabase natin dun sa re-weighing na ginawa namin,” Aquino said.

The House of Representatives’ committee on dangerous drugs and committee on good governance on Wednesday conducted a legislative inquiry into the shabu shipment that the PDEA alleges slipped into the Philippines. — Gaea Katreena Cabico with reports from Romina Cabrera


Sounds like someone has been taking too much shabu......


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    ^ ....

    DuDirty: Ni-Hao ... Jaguar, Kumpare kamusta na.
    Peter Lim: eto pina-Exile mo.
    DuDirty: Kailangan ko ng tulong.
    Peter Lim: Sa eleksyon ni Sarah, Baste at Polong?
    DuDirty: Oo, pero may mas malaking problema kasi konti na lang ang napapatay ng EJK.
    Peter Lim: Inubos mo yun Shabu Factory ko.
    DuDirty: Pwede ka bang magpadala ng 11B na Shabu?
    Peter Lim: Baka mahuli lang at sayang yun pera?
    DuDirty: Ako bahala. TAKOT lang nila kapag sabihin kong WALANG SHABU.
    Peter Lim: Basta walang mahuhuli sa Distributors ko.
    DuDirty: BAKIT kailan pa ba may NAPATAY na CHINESE sa EJK?
    Peter Lim: Ang galing mo talaga. Two Birds with One Stone.
    DuDirty: Xie Xie, Charlie out.
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    PDEA revises estimate: Missing shabu worth P11B not P6.8B

    MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Thursday, October 25, revised its figures for the missing shabu (methamphetamine) from 4 magnetic lifters found in Cavite in August, saying the illegal drugs are now estimated to weigh 1.618 tons worth P11 billion and not one ton worth P6.8 billion, as earlier reported.

    PDEA chief Director General Aaron Aquino announced this on Thursday after speaking at the monthly Club Filipino forum in San Juan City.

    According to Aquino, PDEA made a recomputation after weighing the empty lifters found in General Mariano Alvarez town in Cavite and comparing it to the initial weight declared in importation documents.

    "Ang lumalabas sa aming pagtitimbang...lumabas doon [na diperensya] is 1,618 kilos. Kung i-multiply mo 'yun ng P6.8 million bawat kilo, it would turn out to be P11 billion worth of illegal drugs," Aquino said.

    (What came out from our reweighing...it showed a difference of 1,618 kilos. If you multiply that by P6.8 million per kilo, it would turn out to be P11 billion worth of illegal drugs.)

    What they weighed: According to Aquino, PDEA agents reinserted everything they found inside the lifters, placed them inside a shipment container, placed that container onto a truck and weighed them all with the help of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Calamba, Laguna.

    Aquino said the container and the truck used had the same weight as what was recorded in the lifters' bill of lading, or the importation receipt for the consignee of imported goods.

    "So ang assumption namin, 'yun 'yung nawawalang droga doon sa GMA (General Mariano Alvarez town), Cavite.... Equal dapat sila eh, kasi nilagay namin lahat ng accessories ng magnetic lifters, sinama namin 'yung magnetic lifter, 'yung power supply, 'yung mga cables. Lahat, pati asbestos fillers, pati mga wooden pallets," Aquino said.

    (So our assumption is that is the missing illegal drugs in GMA, Cavite.... They should have weighed equally, because we placed all the accessories of the magnetic lifters. We included the power supply, the cables. All, even the asbestos fillers, even the wooden pallets.)

    PDEA's initial estimate: The PDEA earlier believed that the missing shabu weighed a ton. This was only based on the shabu found in two of the same type of magnetic lifters at the Manila International Container Port (MICP).

    The PDEA had estimated that the MICP magnetic lifters contained 250 kilograms (kg) of shabu each. Applying this to the lifters in Cavite, PDEA estimated the latter held a ton of shabu.

    But PDEA had revised the weight estimate on the two lifters too after weighing the seized shabu, which weighed only 355 kg.

    Why not just multiply 355 kg to two to reflect having 4 magnetic lifters? Aquino said that the drugs did not completely fill up the two other lifters.

    "Umaalog-alog pa nga (The lifters were not packed)," Aquino said.

    The PDEA believed that with the new weight estimate, the 4 lifters in Cavite were likely to have been fully loaded with shabu.

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    ‘Nalusutan lang’: Duterte defends ex-Customs chiefs Lapeña, Faeldon

    MANILA—President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday defended former Customs commissioners Isidro Lapeña and Nicanor Faeldon over their alleged involvement in multibillion-peso drug smuggling controversies.

    Duterte said he would not have hired Lapeña if he were corrupt.

    "Hindi corrupt 'yan, hindi ko kukunin kung corrupt 'yan. Nalusutan lang talaga kasi hindi nila kaya. Insider eh. Kinain sila ng sistema, They work a lifetime as a soldier, fighting for this country tapos ganunin mo lang," Duterte said in a speech in Bacolod City.

    Duterte also revealed that Faeldon gave him the tip about cigarette-maker Mighty Corp. producing fake stamps.

    "Mind you itong si Lapeña including Faeldon, puro military ito, nalusutan talaga sila. Faeldon was the one who gave me the tip that there's a cigarette manufacturer producing fake stamps. 'Yung Mighty King, do you know how much we earned as a consequence?" he said.

    "Galing 'yun kay Faeldon. Bakit pa niya sinumbong, sinolo sana niya?"

    Duterte on Thursday transferred and promoted Lapeña as head of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) amid shabu shipments found in Manila and Cavite last August.

    Faeldon, meanwhile, is the current Bureau of Corrections chief, succeeding Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa, who is running for senator in the 2019 midterm polls.

    It was under Faeldon's helm that a P6.4-billion shabu haul from China slipped past authorities in Manila last May 2017.

    Another military man, Maritime Industry Authority administrator Rey Leonardo Guerrero will replace Lapeña and will be the third Customs chief under the Duterte administration.

    The President, meanwhile, denied that he wants former Customs intelligence officer Jaime Guban to be arrested in order to cover up the crime.

    This after the Senate said Guban will stay under its custody unless an arrest warrant against him is issued.

    "Nagkamali itong mga senador, 'kala nila kinover up ko si Guban. They can interrogate Guban. Gusto ko siya hulihin kasi may krimen. Ang sabi niya under nila o di sige," Duterte said.

    The Senate in September cited Guban in contempt and detained him for giving conflicting statements during its hearing.

    Guban later admitted receiving at least P10,000 in exchange for looking for the consignee-for-hire that received the magnetic lifters.

    He is no longer detained over contempt but is under "voluntary confinement" at the Senate for his own safety, according to Sen. Richard Gordon.

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    i commend pduts war on drugs ramdam ung effect pero kulang pa dapat masampolan even ung chinese and other bigtime pushers... ung mga ug0k na pulis matatapang lang kasu sa mga mahihirap pero pagkaharap nila mataas na tao or mas mataas ang pinag aralan sa kanila tiklop na yung mga gag0 lalo na yung karamihan sa mga nasa mababang ranggo

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    Kent_210 said:

    talaga lang? tama na ang Fake News.

    ang bilibid ay bentahan lang ng droga dahil maraming preso ang addict. diba swimming pool, jaccuzzi, at sex den lang ang na expose??? alam mo ba kung ano ang itsura ng Shabu Laboratory???

    a shabu lab can contaminate even the paint on the walls. the chemicals used are too volatile.
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    How many magnetic lifters (like those containing shabu) were imported into Manila since Duterte came to power?

    Blue Ribbon Committee chair Senator Richard Gordon asked Bureau of Custom officials that question. So did former Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon.

    Both men, during separate probes in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, on the multi-billion pesos worth of shabu smuggled inside magnetic lifters, got no answer.

    Both men demanded the answers.

    To this day, none has been given.

    Before President Rodrigo Duterte came into office, it would have been easy to get those answers simply by clicking on the Bureau of Customs website. John Sevilla, when he was Customs Commissioner, had started uploading all the imports coming into the country in excel files.

    The excel files even indicated whether a particular shipment was misdeclared and what Customs did about it.

    When Duterte became president, the practice was discontinued and the excel files that were already uploaded vanished from the BOC website.

    I can understand that illegal drugs are being smuggled into the country, secretly offloaded from ships at sea and picked up by Filipino partners.

    But what simply boggles the mind is how NEARLY TWO TONNES of shabu in SIX magnetic lifters could have sailed through Customs, under the “watchful” eyes of the Customs officials.

    I mean, have you ever tried getting a small package from the post office sent to you as a “gift” from overseas? I remember trying to claim a package that went a wee bit over US$50 in value. It was something like US$54.

    The beady-eyed Customs officer told me I had to pay P2,000 to claim it. They are THAT CAREFUL IN EXAMINING A SMALL PACKAGE THAT CONTAINED A BOOK, A PART OF A COMPUTER AND SOME GADGET.

    But with nearly two tonnes of shabu worth nearly P12 billion pesos. My gosh, these simply sailed through Customs. One shipment of two magnetic lifters was found ABANDONED in a warehouse after Customs cleared it, still containing shabu The other shipment of four magnetic lifters was found ABANDONED, but no longer containing shabu.

    Now contrast that with what is happening in the streets in Duterte’s war on drugs. Thousands are being killed for possessing drugs, many of them for having JUST ONE SACHET OF SHABU.

    One SACHET, you get the death penalty. Being unable to stop nearly TWO TONNES from entering the country, one government official got a promotion, the other got the President to be his baby’s ninong.

    And that’s why Alan decided to find out more about the magnetic lifters containing shabu.

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    Duterte: PDEA ‘wrongly assumed’ Cavite magnetic lifters contained P11B shabu

    President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said that it was wrong for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to assume that the four empty magnetic lifters discovered in Cavite in August could have contained P11 billion worth of shabu.

    PDEA initially pegged the value of the missing shabu at P6.8 billion, but later on, estimated it to be at least P11 billion.

    “Now you — the next time itong mga abogado sana you should tell them, ‘Bakit — alam mo ba puno?’ Kung puno. But they are assuming na puno. ‘Yun ang ano ng PDEA because assuming that that lifters there puno that’s why they pegged it at [P11 billion]. Hindi man — wala namang… ‘Yung nakita — I do not know it was lying down there with traces but they — they wrongly assumed na puno ‘yon,” Duterte said during the lecture on militarization and drugs in Malacanang Palace.

    “Kaya from six million they increased the… That cannot stand in court. Sabihin mo how much? Why did you assume that is one what? The price of one — [P11] billion?” he asked.

    The chief executive advised PDEA to “stop from speculating” as it would only fuel the suspicion of the public.

    “It could be good to expose it. Of course I would insist on that. Pero iyong next time, you stop from speculating because you feed to the public a wrong information thereby at a certain point you…You know ang kumpiyansa sa tao magbaba when… Eh pinapatay na nga ang p****** i** eh. Eh ito you speculate na siniwab mo tapos meron, merong traces then you say ‘ito, ito ang halaga nito pero wala na’. Ang halaga nito is six billion o pero kung puno ito, [P11 billion],” said Duterte.

    “Pero kung puno ito pagdating sa korte… Hindi sabihin ng judge: “Why are you assuming?” Ang drug kasi parang illegal possession of firearms eh. Either you have it in your possession or not. Because kung sabihin mo lang na mayroon ka, test mo, if you are tested for a drug test and positive — use yan eh, you’re a user,” he said.

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    EXCLUSIBO HO.,.,.,.

    30 mins  AGO

    PDEA: Naipuslit na shabu na nakalagay sa magnetic lifters, nakarating sa Maguindanao

    Naniniwala ang Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency na galing din sa mga nakalusot na magnetic lifter na naglalaman ng droga ang shabu na nakumpiska sa iba't ibang lugar sa Metro Manila, at maging hanggang sa Maguindanao.

    Sa pulong balitaan nitong Martes, sinabi ni PDEA spokesperson Derrick Carreon na ang nakumpiskang mga shabu mula sa Ayala, Alabang, Sta. Cruz, Manila, at maging sa Maguindanao, at ang nasabat na droga sa magnetic lifters sa Manila International Container Port (MICP) noong Agosto ay .99 na may pagkakatulad.

    Nasa 500 kilo ng shabu ang nakita sa loob ng nasabat na magnetic lifters sa MICP, pero tinatayang mas marami at aabot sa mahigit isang tonelada ang nakalusot na droga na nasa loob ng mga nakalabas na apat na magnetic lifter.

    "Dun natin nakita na may semblance, meaning they came from the same source and same manufacturer," sabi ni Carreon.

    Naniniwala ang PDEA na ang mga shabu na nasabat sa mga magnetic lifters sa MICP ay bahagi ng mas malaking shipment ng droga na nakalusot matapos makita ang apat na magnetic lifters sa Cavite na wala nang laman.

    Naninindigan ang PDEA na may droga ang mga nakalusot na magnetic lifters dahil sa pag-upo ng kanilang K-9 dog nang ipaamoy ang mga lalagyan.

    Ayon kay Carreon, patuloy ang ginagawang paghahanap ng PDEA sa mga nakalusot na droga at mga taong nasa likod nito.

    Idinagdag ni Carreon na konektado rin ang mga magnetic lifter na nakita sa MICP at Cavite, "since the bill of lading of the lifters nabbed in MICP also showed that its destination is also the Cavite warehouse

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    Shabu sa magnetic lifters, ikinalat na sa Maguindanao

    Ibinulgar ng Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) na ang mga shabu na nakalusot sa Bureau of Customs (BOC) at nakalagay sa magnetic lifters ay naikalat na sa Maguindanao maging sa Metro Manila.

    Sa pulong balitaan, sinabi ni PDEA spokesperson Derrick Carreon, na nang suriin nila ang mga shabu na nakumpiska mula sa Ayala, Alabang, at Sta. Cruz, Maynila, gayundin sa Maguindanao, ay natuklasang kapareho ito ng mga shabung nakumpiska nila sa Manila International Container Port (MICP).

    “Dun natin nakita na may resemblance, meaning they came from the same source and same manufacturer,” ani Carreon.

    Una nang nagpahayag ng paniniwala ang PDEA na ang shabu na nakasilid sa magnetic lifters at nakumpiska nila mula sa MICP, na may estimated street value na P2.4 bilyon, ay bahagi ng mas malaki pang shipment ng iligal na droga na ipinuslit papasok sa bansa.

    Napagtibay naman ang hinalang ito ng PDEA nang makadiskubre ang apat pang kahalintulad na magnetic lifters sa Cavite noong Agosto.

    Butas at walang laman ang mga naturang magnetic lifters ngunit malaki ang paniniwala ng PDEA na shabu na aabot sa P11 bilyon ang laman ng mga ito matapos na upuan ng kanilang police dogs.

    Sinabi ni Carreon na naestablisa na rin nila na konektado talaga ang mga walang lamang magnetic lifters sa Cavite at ang magnetic lifters na nakumpiska nila sa MICP, dahil lumitaw sa bill of lading ng mga ito na lahat ay dadalhin sa naturang warehouse sa Cavite.

    Idinagdag pa ni Carreon na hanggang sa ngayon ay hindi pa nila nababawi ang mga naturang shabu ngunit tiniyak na ginagawa nila ang lahat upang matunton kung saan naipakalat ang mga ito.

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    PDEA: Shabu from magnetic lifters 'circulating' in Mindanao

    ILLEGAL drugs that allegedly came from the magnetic lifters abandoned in a warehouse in Cavite may now be circulating in Mindanao, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director Aaron Aquino said on Monday, December 17.

    Aquino said that based on impurity profiling test, the illegal drugs seized during various operations in the National Capital Region (NCR), Cavite and Mindanao have a “high correlation.”

    "(Meaning) High ang similarity nung drugs na nakuha natin sa MICP (Manila International Container Port) doon sa kumakalat na drugs. Ang ibig sabihin noon, iisa ang source, iisa ang manufacturing, the way it was produced was the same," Aquino said.

    On August 7, anti-narcotics operatives recovered from two magnetic s

    lifters, shipped from Malaysia, over 500 kilos of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) worth P4.3 billion.

    On August 9, PDEA agents, together with local policemen, discovered four empty magnetic lifters in a warehouse in Barangay F. Reyes, GMA, Cavite.

    Aquino earlier said that the empty magnetic lifters may have contained a ton of illegal drugs, which are also worth billions of pesos.

    The PDEA has filed charges against several personalities over their alleged involvement in the shipping of the shabu-containing magnetic lifters.

    Among those who were charged were former senior superintendent Eduardo Paderon Acierto, former PDEA Deputy Director General for Administration Ismael Gonzales Fajardo Jr., former Customs Intelligence Agent Jimmy Guban, Police Inspector Lito Pirote, and Joseph Dimayuga.

    Other respondents over the seizure of shabu in magnetic lifters abandoned in the MICP were Chan Yee Wah, Emily Daprosa Luquingan, Vedastro Cabral Baraquel Jr., Maria Lagrimas Abelgas Catipan, Alex B. Padlan, Zhauq Quan or Zhang Quan, Gorgonio V. Necessario, Myra C. Tan, Terence L. Uytingban, Avelino S. Tendera, and entities SN Logistics and Ben Line Agencies Philippines.

    The Zhong Consultancy Co. Inc. (Nonito Estorninos Jr., Li Jie); Red Day Machinery Parts Corporation (Ramon Tuyay, John Leric Olavario, Maribeth Olavario, Minerva Verso, and Chung-Chun Hsu); Yida Equipment Crane Limited Company (Le Thi Thuy, Luu Thi Thu Huong, Kan Yi Hong); Dong Trieu Trading and Import/Export Service Trading Company Limited (Du Quoc Duong); Chen Wei Cheng, Ping Cheung Fung, Roy Wang, John Doe, Leynard Doe, All Systems Logistic, Inc. (Roy Baldon); SMYD Trading (Marina De la Cruz Signapan, Alexander Dames, Katrina Cuasay, Miguella Santos, as real owner), Attorney Zsae Carrie De Guzman, Head, X-Ray Inspection Project; Benjamin Cajucom, Shift Supervisor, X-Ray Inspection Project; Manuel Martinez, Operator, X-Ray Inspection Project; Dolores Domingo, Appraiser; Chinese No. 2 alias Zhou Quan; Chinese No. 3 Chen Wei Cheng; Chinese No. 4 alias Cory Yibos; Chinese No. 6 alias Francis Doe; Chinese No. 12 alias Glenn Doe; Eric Doe; and Bong Doe were charged over the smuggling of the magnetic lifters found in Cavite

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    Sacked Manila port official, 2 ex-generals are new Customs deputy chiefs

    MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed 3 new deputy commissioners to the Bureau of Customs, including a former port district collector who was sacked over the entry of billions of pesos' worth of illegal drugs inside magnetic lifters.

    Raniel Ramiro, Vener Sia Baquiran and Donato Belmonte San Juan were appointed as deputy commissioners on March 6, 2019, appointment papers signed by the President showed.

    Baquiran, a former Manila International Container Port district collector, was sacked by former Customs chief Isidro Lapeña in 2018 over 2 incidents of drug shipments concealed inside magnetic lifters.

    In January, the National Bureau of Investigation lodged violation of Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, dereliction of duty and administrative complaints against Baquiran and other port officials for their failure to file charges against the consignees, importers and brokers of the drug-tainted magnetic lifters that slipped past Customs.

    Prior to their recent appointment, former Brig. Gen. Ramiro served as the acting head of the Customs' Intelligence Group, while San Juan was the deputy commissioner for the Customs' Internal Administration Group.

    San Juan was a retired lieutenant general who headed the Philippine Military Academy before his stint at the BOC.

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