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Which Part Of Our Generation Are You?

Alphabets are being used to classify each and everyone's generation. It's interesting to know the differences between baby boomers, Generation X, Millenials and Oh? Is Generation Z a thing now? 

Which Part Are you In? 

Baby Boomers -  Born between 1940 and 1960.
Generation X - Born between 1960 and 1980.
Millennials -  Born between 1980 and 2000.
Generation Z -  Born between Mid-1990s to Mid-2000s 

When Baby Boomers were born, there was no internet and social media isn't yet a thing. Most tasks are done manually and most of them can be done at a very slow pace. However, you must honor baby boomers' patience, hardwork and intelligence even without the existence of modern technology, they have succeeded. Many baby boomers today are CEOs, business owners and decision makers in the corporate and business world. 

I'm proud to say that I'm part of the Gen X group. We have witnessed modern technology later in life. But, we've become tech savvy as equal to the millennials. We know the importance of social media outlets and use them to promote our businesses, talents and many more. Many of us are good writers too and social media managers; whatever you wanna call it. The only difference is that, we know how to manage our money well which must be strictly followed by the millennials. Most Genexers are good leaders and we know how to accept defeat, and learn to stand on our own. Some people call us the MTV Generation and the time when heavy metal and grunge music were popular. We still prefer to interact and communicate in person besides social media and other chat apps. 

The Millennials were born when the internet is already available (not so sure though). All I know that guys belong this group rely on technology very well and most of them have succeded using the internet to generate income. Selfies are such a thing to most Millennials (If not all). I'm not pretty sure if they are into high-consumption lifestyles, but at least one or two branded stuff can be seen. They can quickly adapt to certain guidelines at work and evolution is part of their DNA. They look up to baby boomers as mentors. They always use technology as a backbone for their successes which is pretty cool. One major thing that isn't cool about Millennials is personal finance which they tend to ignore especially during pay day.

The Generation Z balances a bit of everything. Most of them believe that technology won't solve most problems today. They also believe that many systems are broken today and need a quick fix. They're tech savvy as well and they can get used to fast paced environments. Using technology is a no brainer to most of them even at a young age. 

Which group do you belong?  


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