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Medical Insurance Parents in Law

Hello all,

First off all I want to let you know I am not Filipino, but Dutch.
And I made this profile because I am very desperate to find an answer and opinion on my question from you filipinos.

My boyfriend is a Filipino OFW, whom I met when I was working on a cruiseship.
We are about to get married in a few months in my country.
I already visited and the Philippines and also met his family and parents who are lovely people.
However my boyfriend is very stressed with his current situation at home.
His dad was also an OFW for many years but now retired, and unfortunately spent his retirement savings very quickly.
This means that my bf is now paying for all monthly expenses. And not only for his parents but also for his sisters, brothers in law and his nieces.
I do completely understand that part of this is also Filipino Culture but it seems to me that its unfair that nobody in his family has to work for 7 months straight every day on a ship and then hand over half of his salary.

Now that we are getting married he is planning to stop this allotment. The reason for this is that we want to start the partner visa application in europe and he will not be able to work here immediately. Also life in europe is not cheap and I will be the only one working but paying for the 2 of us.

Now we are looking in some good medical insurance for his parents that we will pay. So at least we will have a peace of mind in case something happens, since we dont want to have the dillemma of spending either all our savings if his parents are getting sick, or not helping them at all.

For me this is really difficult since I am coming from a country where things are very well organized and its mandatory to have an health insurance that covers almost everything.
But we dont want to be responsible if they get sick because we want to start our own family and build up our own life in europe.

Does any off you have some good recommendations for a health insurance? And what is your overall opinion about our situation? 


  • For most intents and purposes, health insurance is INUTILE in the Philippines. There is no other way but to send money for support.

    But if you can't then they have to live with that.
  • IronHandofJusticeIronHandofJustice Member PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    edited October 2018
    Hi dutchie!

    Only two plans I know of:

    1. Blue cross premier
    2. Pacific cross senior medical insurance

    I am sorry to hear if you're caught in this family situation. I am a pure Filipino and being a son myself from a family of 6 children, had (past tense, luckily) experienced this too. Just to share with you, this is one of the major conflicts we're having now in the family. My siblings, especially those who have their own kids, are no longer willing to give their share.

    I made an "ultimatum" with my parents after several years of giving them monthly sustenance that if they fail to save and prepare their government contributions as well as to make money out of our farm, the financial support will stop. And it did. Unfortunately for me, my parents didn't like it and they gave me the "silent treatment" since then. It is disappointing and I was at some point angry. But it cannot be helped, I need to protect my financial future and I still have dreams I want to achieve.

    My parents are in good health, just turned 60 years old but were very bad in money to the point that we all struggled when I was younger.

    There were some siblings of mine who are giving me a cold-shoulder because of what I did. They see it selfish and punitive. But I already did what I can. My siblings would never understand that supporting them until they die IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

    Good luck and hope things will be better for you both!
  • Hi Dutchie,

    I worked at Pacific Cross Philippines as Account Executive that offer medical insurance for individual and groups. We are offering medical coverage with NO AGE LIMITS, from infant up to senior citizen age. We are also offering medical coverage of PESO and DOLLAR denominated policy that you can covered worldwide. The rising cost of medical treatments and hospitalisation is extremely alarming which will definitely be a burden to your finances, to your future and to your family. On behalf our company Pacific Cross, it is a opportunity and it’s a pleasure to assists you for you and your family medical insurance needs.

    For inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 09476441626 or email at [email protected]

    Thank you and God Bless.

    Chelsea Ann Maghanay
    Pacific Cross Philippines

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