Hello everyone! 

Im just new here. I made this discussion for aspiring doctors like me who needs tips and advices from med students or from a full pledged doctors in this forum. 

I am an average student and I badly want to be a doctor. My premed is BS Nursing and my GWA is not that high, I failed two major subjects during my 1st year (I have a stupid reason for failing on this subjects back then 😂) but after experiencing the medical field, na inlove ako so tinapos ko yung nursing and di ako nag shift ng ibang course.

I graduated 5 years ago and working outside the medical field for 3 years. Matagal ko na pangarap na maging doctor pero wala kasi means yung family namin that time para i pursue ko pa yung med school so tnry ko kalimutan yung dream ko.

But here I am now, posting here because I need an encouragement, tips and advices from my fellow soon to be MD's and sa mga doctors na. Since DOH started this scholarship program for medicine,I have a chance now to achieve my dream.

My question is for average students who are currently enrolled sa med school. (I am just an average student so I need to hear how's med school from the point of view of an average student too)

1. Guys, Kumusta po yung med school for you? I know mahirap pero pano po kayo nakaka survive?
2. Anong school po kayo enrolled?
3. Anong year na po kayo?
4. Ano po score nyo sa NMAT? 
5. Ano po premed nyo?


  • Hi there! I am so happy to hear you getting motivated on becoming a doctor! We need more people! :smile:
    So to answer your questions:
    1. Med school really is different from college, let me tell you that. I used to be such a NERD in premed because I was working hard to graduate laude. I got it eventually and felt more confident in myself and how I would do in med school. However, I must say that the laude didn't help me at all. LMAO. It did help me establish a solid study habit and schedule but this has been tested multiple times in med school. It really is difficult. It takes a lot of time and patience. But most of the time, I don't want to beat myself up for some careless mistakes in the exam or when I don't finish studying the whole scope for my finals (it's just impossible!). When I was still in Biology (UST) I would ALWAYS study in advance and made sure to come to school prepared, I would never miss a single study material. But as I got into med school, mental health was more important for me. I even breezed through my study material in my physiology finals skipping like... 3 chapters! That's what med school does to you! My sleep schedule was really faacckkeedd up. I absorb things better when I study in the wee hours of the morning so I would sleep from 8pm to 2am... my day would start at 2am imagine that huhu. I would try to sneak in a few minutes of nap at around 5:30 am until I have to get ready for my 7am class. You have quizzes everyday (short, long, etc), some even 3 in JUST ONE SUBJECT (at least in my school). You'll be under a lot of stress but hey, it will be worth it right? :wink:

    2. So I'm studying in the one and only, BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST, AND BEST MEDICAL SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY....... LOL The University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery :joy:

    3. I'm only in my 1st year of medicine and please don't ask me about my specialization because I have NO ideas of what I want to be. A surgeon does sound nice tho.

    4. I took NMAT twice, once in April (?) and another in October. The reason is because I wasn't satisfied with my first try and I felt like I could have done better. HOWEVER, stupid me did not consider that OCTOBER was the hell month of all months... finals, thesis, quizzes, etc. I got a 92 on my first try and then a 93 on the second :disappointed: HAHA. I did not enroll in any review centers (a waste of money to be honest), and merely borrowed an NMAT reviewer from friends that did enroll.

    5. I'm a BS Biology graduate from UST College of Science. :joy: GALING SCIENCE, GALING SCIENCE! 

    Best of luck, future Doctor!
  • quezacoltquezacolt Ars longa, vita brevis PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    1. Guys, Kumusta po yung med school for you? I know mahirap pero pano po kayo nakaka survive?

    I died during my second year and third year. :lol:  Basta go with the flow. Learn to accept lahat ng challenges, and always give your 100%. Don't compare yourself din to others, mas lalo lang magiging stressful ang med life mo. 

    2. Anong school po kayo enrolled? 

    UST Medicine and Surgery

    3. Anong year na po kayo? 

    Done with med school. Actually kakatapos ko lang, pero I took a year off muna before continuing to post graduate internship. Naumay kasi ako sa pre-duty-from status sa hospital. Haha

    4. Ano po score nyo sa NMAT? 

    Just enough for UST to accept me  ;)

    5. Ano po premed nyo?

    Medical Technology

    Good luck!  ;)
  • loladaisyloladaisy PExer
    edited March 5
    hello po. i'd like to know po if marereconsider po ang application ko for UST-FMS. I did not take my pre-med in UST and I have no relatives na alumni din :( I'm an RMT and graduated the top of my class last year. But my nmat was below the university's cut-off, is there any chance that I will be reconsidered or should I just try for another school? :(

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